Create A Social Media Quiz For Your Book

I love taking quizes on Facebook. I’ve recently found out what super hero I am, what drink I am and so on. I would have never considered creating a quiz for a book promotion. But now that I think about it, I am sure it would be fun. Over at Self Publishing Advice author Stephen Oram did just that and with great success.

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Book Marketing: How to Use a Quiz to Promote a Book

This was my friend Hannah’s opinion, which seemed like a stupid comment and, as I’d already lined up the usual marketing for the release of my latest book, a bit pointless. But, she’s not stupid. She was the project manager for the Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning so she knows something about global reach and charity sized budgets. So I listened. She was talking about the masses, the people who read books, but aren’t avid blog readers and don’t hang out at author events. She had my attention.

One of her many ideas was an online quiz; you know the type –Which vegetable are you? They’re obviously popular and Fluence is about the dark future of social media so it was a perfect fit.

What follows is a glimpse into my first experience of creating. READ MORE HERE.