Are You Getting Paid To Write?

Navigating the internet to find paid freelance opportunities can be very overwhelming. Over at Make A Living Writing, Jennifer Roland shares a list of popular sites that pay writers for their work.



140 Websites That Pay Writers in 2014

By Jennifer Roland

Way back in 2010, Carol decided to bust a move here on the blog.

As an advocate for writers seeking out good-paying work rather than writing for “exposure” or pennies, she decided it was time to start paying the writers who guest posted here.

Then, something really cool happened. Other bloggers started paying their guest posters, too. Some were inspired directly by Carol, and some blog owners just decided on their own that great content was worth paying for. So Carol gathered a list of those blogs as a resource for her readers.

But things on the Internet change fast. Fourteen months later, it’s time to post an updated list. Read more here!

8 Online Rules Writers Need To Know

Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator)

Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator) (Photo credit: Aray Chen)

The Laws of the (Amazon) Jungle—Eight Rules Authors Need to Know to Stay Safe


Update: This is probably now the longest blogpost in history, so I apologize. But I’ve had important updates from commenters that I’m incorporating into the post. An intellectual property lawyer has enlightened me on a lot of things I had wrong. (Scroll down to Rule #5). And South African romance writer Niki Savage has an update on Amazon’s rules for reviewing authors in your own genre (Rule #2) Thanks for all the helpful comments!Everybody tells authors we must use social media to have successful careers in the E-age, but nobody talks much about the dangers that lurk here.

Here’s the thing: the Internet is still the wild frontier. And it’s so huge nobody’s quite sure how to police it.  Big, loosely regulated social media sites seem to encourage the worst in human behavior. Facebook allows people to make hate pages for celebrities with happy abandon, and the comments on news sites and You Tube can make you want to wash your eyeballs.You Tube is making some sweeping changes to try to curb some of the more horrifying comments. You’ll soon need a Google+ account to log in. (Google+ is set to become the most important player for business in social media. We’ll have a post on that in a few weeks.)Online nastiness is so pervasive that even some literary sites have become more like a jungle full of feces-throwing monkeys than a place for civilized discourse. READ MORE HERE.

The Importance of Google

Is Google Plus Important for Search Engine Optimization?

Written by 

Is Google plus important for search engine optimization? We all know that being found by search engines is in essence free marketing.Is Google Plus Important for Your Search Engine Optimization

And who doesn’t like something for free.

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a process which includes both on-site and off-site techniques that enables the search engines to index the website and rank it on the search engine result pages.

On-site” techniques include the website work, such as setting up the page titles, sub-titles and keywords and this makes easier for the search engines to crawl the site. The key activity and tactic for “Off-site” techniques includes the process of link building.

Google uses different signals to determine the quality of each page of website and on the basis of that give it the ranking in search results. But the most important among these signals is links from other sites. These links must be of high quality to rank higher in search engine results. A link from the New York Times will be valued much more highly than a link from a Shepherd’s website in Kazakhstan.

The measurement and ranking of these hyperlinks has made it possible to find the things on the web.

Black hat and white hat SEO techniques

Search engines are always hungry for well designed, content rich and optimized website. Some webmasters and SEO specialists are deliberately using the wrong techniques to rank higher. These techniques are known as Black Hat techniques which do not follow the guidelines or algorithms of major search engines.

Those practices which follow the guidelines of search engine are called White Hat techniques.

Quick Tips For Building A Writer Platform

English: Semiotics of Social Networking

English: Semiotics of Social Networking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

101 Quick Actions You Can Take Today to Build the Writer Platform of Your Dreams

What does it really take to build a writer or author platform?



An intimate knowledge of vampires, wizardry or erotic romance?

Actually, the most important aspect  to building an author platform is understanding that it’s about engagement; about connecting and interacting with people who are aligned with your message and affected by your story.

Your platform is a web of intertwined beliefs, values, emotions, thoughts, stories, images and ideas that stem from your own core philosophy and are ultimately shared by your fans.

The tricky part is finding ways to effectively share your message with an audience that is yet unknown to you, and you to them.  Read more here.

Google Best Practices

If you utilize Google for searches as much as I do, then you probably want to be more efficient with your searches. I visited and discovered 10 ways to be more creative on how to search with Google. I didn’t realize I could get rid of all of the spam that pops up from the content mills who put their links all over the place and when you click on them you get junk that is not useful. For me, my time is valuable and I don’t want it wasted on blank pages or advertisements. If you are looking for ways to more effectively use Google as a real search engine then you really need to read this post.

English: Google Logo officially released on Ma...

English: Google Logo officially released on May 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top 10 Ways to Speed Up and Beef Up Your Google Searches

 Whitson Gordon

 For all the time you spend online, you probably spend most of it searching for stuff. So why settle for the most basic Google experience? Here are 10 ways to beef up and speed up your Google searches and find stuff easier.

10. Make Use of Google’s Built-In Tools

If you know Google well enough, you can find what you’re searching for without clicking on a single link. Most of Google’s built-in shortcuts are intuitive: to search for movie times, just search for the movie you want to see. To find the release date of a video game, type in release date and the name of the game. Other tricks may be harder to find, so check out our list of the best Google search shortcuts to hone your Google-Fu, as well as the five handy things you can do with Google’s new Knowledge Graph feature (which gives you lots of information on a subject in the right-hand side of the page). Read more here.