Happy Fathers Day To All The Single Moms!

I’m a single mom who had to play both roles. I am proud to say I raised a son that is near perfection with hard work, dedication and lots of love. This video was perfect for all the moms out there doing it alone.

How to Turn Your Novel into an Audiobook

Kristi Bernard:

I can’t wait to do this. I even want to audition through ACX.

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by Alison Potoma

ACX_LogoInspired by my many hours of listening to audiobooks on my daily commute (see Audiobooks as Leisure Time Part 1 and Part 2), I decided to turn The Smith Family Secret Book 1, one of my own self published chapter books, into an audiobook.

ACX is Amazon’s audiobook platform. ACX stands for Audiobook Creation Exchange. Once published, your audiobook will be available on Audible.com.

case-study-gaimanNeil Gaiman, author of The Graveyard Book, Coraline, and Fortunately, the Milk, uses ACX to record his own novels, and has even created his own audiobook label called, “Neil Gaiman Presents“.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but, as I discovered, the process is easy and fun. There’s nothing quite like hearing your story come to life through the interpretation of an actor.

If you are interested in turning one of…

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How To Label Your Blog Posts

When creating posts for a blog you’ll want to make sure the tags/labels are getting you as many page views as possible. Here are a few tips from Edie Melson at The Write Conversation. These tips are sure to help you better understand the power of a tag or label.

Get Your Blog Found with Proper Labels & Tags

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

I get the opportunity to evaluate a lot of blogs, from writers I meet with at conferences to clients. And they all have many of the same questions. One of the most common is what are some tips to help their blogs get found.

There’s one easy answer—proper tagging/labeling with each post.

When I give this answer, I get a lot of blank looks. This is one critical step a lot of blogger miss when posting a blog. Today, I’m going to give you the tools that make labeling/tagging a breeze and immediately help your blog come up in the search engine rankings. READ MORE HERE.

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Writing Your Writer Biography

I often wondered what information I could put in my biography once my first book was completed. With a few tips from author Ash Krafton, it is easier than I thought. Visit the Query Tracker blog for more information.

GA writer barnstar in tr.wiki

GA writer barnstar in tr.wiki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taking Care of Business: The Author Biography

When you’re an as-yet-unpublished writer, one of the most intimidating things you’ll face is your own author biography.

You’ve read countless bios of successful authors, with their lists of titles and bestselling charts and accolades. Then, there’s you, manuscript in hand, wondering how you can possibly get the attention of your dream agent when you don’t have what the others have.

You already know that the hook and blurb is vital to getting an agent to finish reading your query…so how do you keep their attention long enough to hit “reply”? What if they see your empty, unenthusiastic bio? Won’t they pass because no one wants to take a chance on an unaccomplished unknown?

Stop that right this instant. You’ll defeat yourself before you even get started. READ MORE HERE.

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