So You Want to Start Your own Micro-press? | The Center for Fiction

I started my micro-press, Future Tense Books, back in 1990 and I honestly had no idea what I was doing for the first few years. The dawn of the Internet, along with more printing options, has made it easier to run a small press since then

Source: So You Want to Start Your own Micro-press? | The Center for Fiction

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Literati Book Club For Children

Literati kids book club brings the world’s best children’s books to your door each month. They deliver books loved by teachers, librarians, and parents, so your child discovers educational and interactive stories in every box.

I have the opportunity to test this book club for my grandson. The beauty of this club is that each month for a very reasonable price he will receive 5 books, personalized stickers and beautifully illustrated artwork. The cute little signature box is filled with pleasant surprises. With this handy subscription, parents can begin to build their child’s library and start them down the path of literacy and a life of book love and care.

The Literati book club is easily accessible and the sign up is fast and requires just a few steps. If you have an avid reader or a child who is reluctant to read, this is a perfect way to get them engaged and anticipating the next delivery of fun books and surprises just for them. Literati also has a try before you buy program. Check out my grandson’s surprise box of books below.

Black History In Eudora Kansas – Part 1

A few years ago my brother was working in Eudora for the city. He learned and shared with me that there was an old cemetary with folks who migrated to Kansas after the Civil War. I found this to be wonderful news simply because I didn’t know and I thought it was very interesting. I’ve driven past Eudora many times and never knew or even thought about the stories of black Americans that may have once inhabited this small town. Now, I want to learn more. This will be my first research and non-fiction writing project. I will have to dig deep and seek out sources to gather information. Each week as I learn more I will share here. I hope you will join me on this journey.

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