Self-Publishing E-Books In The Library

Indie authors can now present their self-published works to their local library. This is great news! Be sure to stop by Elizabeth Spann Craig’s site to learn more.

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English: Steacie Science and Engineering Library at York University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SELF-e Gets Indie Books Into Library Catalogs

The American Library Association’s (ALA) 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition opened yesterday, Thursday (25th June, #alaac15), in San Francisco with something unprecedented being offered at this year’s gathering: Library SELF-e’s first-ever national curated collection is now ready, an array of 200 indie ebooks that librarians can peruse and consider carrying for their patrons to check out and read.

Big thanks to Elizabeth for letting me jump onto her blog today to tell you about it.

As originally endorsed by indie bestsellers Hugh Howey and CJ Lyons, Library SELF-e is one of the breakthroughs many independent authors have hoped to see. READ MORE HERE!

Tips To Keep You Writing During The Summer

It’s difficult to stay focused during the summer season with your writing. Writers will be interrupted multiple times from vacations, the kids being home and with the warm weather you may want to be outside. Books & Such Literary Management has provided 6 helpful tips for writers to help keep you moving your writing forward during the summer.

Summer Tips: What’s a Writer to Do?

Michelle UleBlogger: Michelle Ule

Filling in for Janet Grant who is at the International Christian Retailer’s Show in Orlando, Florida.

Summer’s here and if you’re a writer with children, visitors, spouses, or other interruptions, how are you supposed to keep working on your manuscript?

Continue writing your project, of course, but there are other things you could do with your family around to keep your moving toward “the end.”

Six tips for writers in the summer. READ MORE HERE!

More Free Resources For Self Published Authors

You can never have too many resources for writing. I have found some more for your review. Some of these may have been shared here before, but perhaps you would like to see them again. Check out Indies Unlimited for resources all writers could use.

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English: A “one free internet” coupon. To be given to winrars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free Online Resources for Self-Publishers


ust over a year ago I wrote a post highlighting some free online resources for writers. Since that time, I’ve discovered even more wonderful free resources for photos, music, backgrounds, fonts, and more, so it’s definitely time for an update.

Each site has a section regarding licensing, which needs to be read prior to downloading and using content. Some sites don’t require any attribution, but some do, so make sure to read the fine print.

Links to all the various sites won’t be included in this post, because minions can get into trouble with Google for posting too many scammy-looking links. But at the bottom of this post will be a link to one of Indies Unlimited’s fabulous resource pages, where you can find links to all the sites mentioned. READ MORE HERE.

Create A Social Media Quiz For Your Book

I love taking quizes on Facebook. I’ve recently found out what super hero I am, what drink I am and so on. I would have never considered creating a quiz for a book promotion. But now that I think about it, I am sure it would be fun. Over at Self Publishing Advice author Stephen Oram did just that and with great success.

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Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Français : Logo de Facebook Tiếng Việt: Logo Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Book Marketing: How to Use a Quiz to Promote a Book

This was my friend Hannah’s opinion, which seemed like a stupid comment and, as I’d already lined up the usual marketing for the release of my latest book, a bit pointless. But, she’s not stupid. She was the project manager for the Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning so she knows something about global reach and charity sized budgets. So I listened. She was talking about the masses, the people who read books, but aren’t avid blog readers and don’t hang out at author events. She had my attention.

One of her many ideas was an online quiz; you know the type –Which vegetable are you? They’re obviously popular and Fluence is about the dark future of social media so it was a perfect fit.

What follows is a glimpse into my first experience of creating. READ MORE HERE.

Mini Writing Retreats Are A Great Idea!

Most of us know of someone in our circles that is writing or wanting to write. Joining writing groups can be expensive and a little crowded. If you are just wanting to hang out and talk about writing, why not gather up those friends and get away with your laptops. It’s a great idea! Author Julie Musil did just that. Follow her posts to see how things turned out.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mini Writing Retreat #IWSG

Welcome, Insecure Writers! Not a member of this group yet? Remedy that STAT!

I’m currently on a mini writing retreat with two of my closest writing buddies. How is it going? I’ll report back later! But I did want to chat abut a couple of things. Writing retreats can be expensive and inconvenient–especially if you’re on a tight budget and have little kids at home. I’m not one to dump a lot of money into the writing process. It’s just not my style. But when my friends approached me with the mini retreat idea, I jumped on board. Why?

  1. Lower cost. We’re not paying for expensive workshops or roundtable critiques. We’re simply getting away with our laptops to write. Most of the stuff covered in workshops or retreats can be found online for free. READ MORE HERE.