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When you mention world building to a bunch of writers, most are instantly going to think about fantasy worlds. Makes sense since that’s the genre that does the most world building from scratch, but every story needs a rich world, even if that world is set in the good old USA. Luckily, the same tricks genre writers use to flesh out their worlds can also be used by non-genre writers.A Room With a View

One of the strongest tools writers have for world building is our point of view character. She can ground the reader by what she sees and provide context for those details. She can show what’s normal and what’s unusual for that world by how she reacts to things. Just as readers have never been to Middle Earth, they might not have ever been to the Midwest. Sure, they’ll have a general idea what it’s like (corn, flat, farms), but imagine how much richer we can make that world if we treat it like the reader has never seen it before. Especially if our world isn’t what the average person thinks of when they hear the location. READ MORE HERE.

The CBC To Offer Publishing Internship Program

The CBC and We Need Diverse Books™ to Partner on Resources and Programming for Publishing Internship Program



New York, NY – April 14, 2015 – The Children’s Book Council (CBC), the non-profit trade association for children’s book publishers in North America, and grassroots nonprofit We Need Diverse Books™ (WNDB) today announced their partnership on educational programming and resources for interns selected for the WNDB Internship Program, launching this summer. Read More Here!

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The Business of Rewriting

Everytime I complete a story I am always very excited. My story finally has a beginning, middle and end. It may not be perfect but the sticky note idea is now officially a story. I generally let it rest for a few days or longer. When I pick it up again I have to start the rewriting process. Most writers must do this. Its never fun. Aurthor Karen Woodward shares with writers the process of rewriting and what could happen.

Rewriting Is The Essence Of Good Writing

We’ve all heard the sayings:
“Rewriting is the essence of writing,” William Zinsser
“The best writing is rewriting,” E.B. White
“All writing is rewriting,” John Green
I agree wholeheartedly. I believe that rewriting is the essence of good writing. I also believe rewriting is a skill that, like any skill, takes time and much practice to acquire.
But I know some folks won’t agree with me, so let’s look at a few of their arguments.

Rewriting Can Strip A Story Of Soul

This can happen. Beginning writers do have the tendency to edit the soul out of their stories. I know I did.
When I first began writing, rewriting was NOT my friend. I recently dug some of my earliest stories out from the shoeboxes I’ve lovingly interred them in. I write in drafts, always have, saving versions 1 to … well, to however high it goes.  READ MORE HERE!
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