Just Because It’s Fall: Pumpkin Fun

I love the fall season. It is my favorite time of the year because I can have a pumpkin flavored latte, decorate pumpkins and wear a light jacket. Yay for fall! Over at Growing Book By Book parents, kids and teachers can get busy reading stories with pumpkins and doing pumpkin activities. I just wanted you to share in the fun. Happy Fall!!

Pumpkins at Halloween

Pumpkins at Halloween (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pumpkin Books and Literacy Activities

I had my first PSL (pumpkin spice latte) of the season so I’m ready to pull out the box of fallbooks for kids and start reading and exploring the new season.

Check out some of my favorite pumpkin books and then try a book related literacy activity to work on your little one’s reading skills.

Pumpkin Books and Activities

Pumpkin books and literacy activities for the fall season.

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Five Little Pumpkins

Five Little Pumpkins is full of rhythm and is so fun to retell with little ones.  After reading the book, try one of these extension activities. READ MORE HERE!

Great Tips for Backstory in Your Novel

Writing the backstory for your character can be a bit tricky. You never want to be too wordy. Telling the story of your character should be smooth and effortless. Of course, that is not the case with my writing which is why a lot of revision is necessary. Author Paul Bishop at Venture Galleries has some great tips for creating backstory for your characters. Stop by for a visit.

Back Story (Parker novel)

Back Story (Parker novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you do about the back story?

MY FIRST NOVEL (Shroud of Vengeance) was part of an ongoing adult western series (think Louis LAmour with sex scenes) featuring a character named Diamondback. The editor gave me the bible for the series providing the limited information needed as part of the characters backstory: Diamondback got his nickname after being the victim of a horrible whipping, he is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, he wanders the west acting as a traveling judge settling disputes between outlaws and he is very, very popular with the ladies.

It was pretty simple to include this information as part of the ongoing series of books, which could be read in any order without any intrusive information dumps or large chunks of narrative explanation. Drop the nickname on the first page, show his scars when he takes off his shirt for the first sex scene, and tie the plot into a dispute between dangerous outlaws for Diamondback to settle. With series of this type, the main character remains static. There are no consequences or character arcs to carry over from one book to the next. READ MORE HERE.

The Self-e for the Library Journal

If you haven’t heard, libraries are now excepting self-published ebooks. This is exciting news. The only problem is if you submit through the Library Journal you are giving away your book for free. Over at Build Book Buzz there is a conversation about what options authors have. This article is worth investigating.

Journal of Library Administration

Journal of Library Administration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should you sign up for SELF-e from Library Journal?

An author contacted me recently for advice on a simple question: “Should I enroll my book in the new SELF-e Select program offered by Library Journal?”

SELF-e Select curates self-published/indie books for libraries so that librarians know which books are worth adding to their lending collections. Here are a few links with more information:

The author who contacted me was debating what to do because authors aren’t paid for self-published books that libraries select through the SELF-e program.

Should you offer your book to libraries for free?

Here’s what I told her.

Because authors aren’t paid for books selected, SELF-e seems like an option for an author with a backlist. READ MORE HERE.

Five Great Tips For Planning Your Blog Tour

As a blogger and book reviewer I get a lot of requests at Kristi’s Book Nook to host blog tours, guest posts and review every type of book that you could imagine. I often wondered what it took to plan a tour. I also wondered if the author was promoting the blogs that were sharing their information. At Misty Massey’s blog Magical Words, she offers some really good tips for planning a blog tour and what authors should do for the bloggers that host them.

Books Books

Books Books (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five Things To Remember When You’re Building A Blog Tour

A ‘blog tour’ is when an author lines up a number of blogger sites which have agreed to post a guest blog by that author during a certain period of time–usually a week or so–in order to promote a specific event–usually a book launch.

Blog tours can be valuable ways to get your message out to a broad audience, utilizing the networks of your host bloggers. Done right, not only can your blog post reach readers of the host blog who might not visit your own sites or be aware of your work; you can also benefit from publicity about your post done by the blogger via Twitter, Facebook and other channels.

Readers who like your post may re-tweet the link or post a direct link to what you’ve written on Reddit or a similar site. Other bloggers, online news sites and digest blogs may pick up your post, reaching an even larger audience. Every guest blog post increases the good links associated with your name on Google and other search engines. And if you put the blog tour together yourself, all of this visibility is free. Sort of. It still takes time, and it requires observing the niceties of netiquette. That’s why it’s important to keep five things in mind. READ MORE HERE.