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Master novel structure by learning about the Ten Key Scenes. They provide the sturdy framework for a successful story! It’s all in the new installment in The Writer’s Toolbox Series: Layer Your Nov…

Source: C. S. Lakin’s list of personal resources and other writing craft materials | Live Write Thrive

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If you’ve been wanting to write but wasn’t sure where to begin, this post on the top ten best writing books is a great place to start. One of my personal favorites is Stephn King On Writing. Happy reading and writing!


Source: Top Ten Best Writing Books ‹ Kathrin Lake’s Blog ‹ Reader — WordPress.com

Story World Tips


When you mention world building to a bunch of writers, most are instantly going to think about fantasy worlds. Makes sense since that’s the genre that does the most world building from scratch, but every story needs a rich world, even if that world is set in the good old USA. Luckily, the same tricks genre writers use to flesh out their worlds can also be used by non-genre writers.A Room With a View

One of the strongest tools writers have for world building is our point of view character. She can ground the reader by what she sees and provide context for those details. She can show what’s normal and what’s unusual for that world by how she reacts to things. Just as readers have never been to Middle Earth, they might not have ever been to the Midwest. Sure, they’ll have a general idea what it’s like (corn, flat, farms), but imagine how much richer we can make that world if we treat it like the reader has never seen it before. Especially if our world isn’t what the average person thinks of when they hear the location. READ MORE HERE.

Author Exposed: Teko Bernard

I am proud to introduce and author who has inspired me by showing me that I can be a writer and create a brand by being diligent and persistent in following my dream. Please help me welcome my cousin Teko Bernard!

Bernard Design

Bernard Design

About the Author

After an exciting career in the sportswear and sports event market, Teko set out to pursue his lifelong dream of creating the original kid’s lifestyle character brands Elmdale Park Kids™ and Hoop Kid®. Elmdale Park currently produces a unique brand of middle grade chapter books & active-wear.

As a kid growing up, much like my book’s protagonist Bernard Jones, I always loved books and playing basketball. Two of my favorite places were the basketball court and the library. Both places were my personal sanctuaries that gave me lots of joy and peace. While also, unbeknownst to me was enriching my life. Reading was exercising my mind and imagination, while playing basketball was keeping me physically and socially active,” says Teko.

However, by the time I reached middle school and then high school, my involvement in team sports began to monopolize my time. I had gotten so consumed with improving and getting better at basketball, I had almost totally lost site of the benefits and pleasure that books had always provided. Sadly, this pattern of more basketball, less reading would continue until the fall of my freshman year in college when I suffered a back injury that ended my college basketball career. Two life-changing things occurred after this, I started re-directing my intentions and focus towards things other than basketball for the first time in many years. I began reading more and re-discovered the pleasure and life changing effects that reading books provided. Reading has helped me so much throughout my life, that I felt compelled to create the Elmdale Park Kid’s brand and book series.

The idea was to help advocate the importance of a healthy, life-long, balanced diet of reading books and physical exercise. So kids who love sports are also benefiting from the magic of reading and kids who love to read are benefiting from the thrill of getting out there to play and being physically active.

Elmdale Park Books are created to entertain, educate and encourage kids. We want to give them access to books about the sports and activities that they love. We deal with a variety of themes including: courage, friendship, sportsmanship and teamwork to name a few. Elmdale Park Books reach out to a broad spectrum of kids from all backgrounds and experiences and cover a wide variety of stories, subjects and activities.

Currently, Teko Bernard resides in Overland Park, Kansas, where he works on his Elmdale Park brand. Find The HoopKid From Elmdale Park (ISBN:978-0-9860593-0-8, paperback, $7.19; ebook $2.99) at Amazon. Learn more at www.hoopkidonline.com and www.elmdalepark.com.

Elmdale Park Hoopkid










What is The HoopKid From Elmdale Park about? The story revolves around Bernard Jones, a smart and courageous 12 year old basketball fanatic who is visiting his Grandparents for the Summer. While he’s there he forms a basketball team and goes to battle against the local bullies in a high-stakes, inter-neighborhood tournament, to stop the ruthless Victor Franco’s cruel plot to shut down the historic Elmdale Park and turn it into a city dump for his own personal gain.

The title indicates the book has a sports based theme. Is this a book for both boys and girls? Yes, this book will appeal to boys and girls.In factthere is a really great girl character [Layla] on the team who is smart, funny and athletic.

What age group does it target? This book is for kids of all ages, but more specifically 8-12.

Why will children enjoy reading The HoopKid? It’s just a fun and book. We mixed the fun of cartoons and fantasy/science fiction with the exciting realistic action of basketball and applied it to a modern day David vs. Goliath story. 

What will children learn from the book? Children will learn the importance of teamwork, overcoming defeat, community and having courage to stand up for yourself and others.

Do you feel the story could help readers deal with bullying? Absolutely. Bernard has to deal with bullies in the story. And serves as an example of how speaking up, friends and family can help.

What experiences did you have in your own hometown recreation center that were similar to the story? While growing up,me and my brothers spent a lot of our days at the local community centers and playgrounds playing basketball. But fortunately we never had to play in a high-stakes game to save any of them from being turned into a city dump.

In what other ways do you encourage girls to participate in sports? We have a great girl character [Layla] in this story who exhibits a talent and passion for sports. We have another character named Nina who will also be in future stories who also loves to stay active playing sports.

Are you concerned that some children will not be encouraged or motivated by your characters? Yes, but I look at it as a challenge. My main goal is to create interesting and fun characters to resonate and connect with kids from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and experiences.

What will parents and teachers like most about this book? That our characters are creative and productive kids who have hobbies, interests and passions that don’t always involve a playstation.

What do you have next for The HoopKid? We are developing fun interactive programs to support the Hoop Kid book including a Hoop Kid reading club, Summer reading program and on-site Hoop Kid basketball clinics. We are actively seeking partners to work with. 

Thanks Teko so much for sharing with us today. To learn more about Teko’s book The Hoopkid From Elmdale Park stop by Kristi’s Book Nook where he is giving away a copy of the book and a t-shirt.

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