Book Giveaway: The Self-Publisher’s FAQ

The publishing industry has been changing a lot in the last few years. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually good for anyone who has always wanted to self-publish a book. Author Jacqueline Church Simonds has put together a perfect guide for anyone who has questions and is unsure of how to proceed. Simond’s guide has chapters that cover questions you may have about publishing, publishers, assembling your manuscript, social media, how to get reviews and more.


For a chance to win this copy please leave a comment, name and email. Offer expires 7/19/14.


One question that many writers have is, “Should I print hard copies of my book…or should I just do an ebook?” Simonds provides excellent information for this question in Chapter 7 titled “Printing a Paper Book.” According to Simonds, “The old model also supported first producing a hardback book, then six months to a year later a paperback version. Big publishers still follow this model. Self-publishers do not. For many self-publishers, the best move is to print via the POD method and offer ebooks. In this manner, you can keep your upfront costs low and concentrate your available cash on marketing your book.” Simonds also covers, in Chapter 7, the process regarding book size, print type, binding and cost. She answers more detailed questions about ebooks in Chapter 8.

If you are a writer who wants to know, “Do I have to have a Press Kit?” Simonds states, “No. If you’d rather save on paper and shipping, you might consider creating a one-sheet with an image of the book, short summary, endorsements, reviews, short author bio, picture, and all the book data.” Simonds helps anyone who wants to self-publish a book or perhaps has specific questions, get the answers. Each chapter covers topics you will need to know. Step-by-step information will walk you through each process. The back of the book has a countdown of where you should be in a particular time-frame. For example: She gives you 9 months to finish writing your book and researching the market. By month 12 you should start setting up your publishing company and so on.

Jacqueline Church Simonds has been a publisher for thirteen years, producing over twenty books, has worked over thirty-five publishing projects and was a book distributor handling at one point over forty titles.

Where Are You Promoting?

We all know that promoting your book is important. Posting to Amazon, Good Reads and working with bloggers are a few great ways to share your work. But, where else could you potentially post and share? I discovered a list at eBook Foundry that may be of assistance.



To-Do List

To-Do List (Photo credit: jordan clarke)


Below is a list of book promoting sites. If you find this page useful please promote it on social media :)

Website Alexa ranking Estimated monthly traffic Features
Anobii 26,160 10-15k Shelve and show off your books, Find, Discover your next book with the help of the community.
Authortree No rank below 1k Seems to have discontinued its services.
Babelio 32,886 below 1k Book Directory for French books. Create an online library to organize and share your favorite books.
Bibliophil 3,077,199 below 1k Forum about books – profile with books appearing in signature, list of favorite and wished books.
Bookhitch 1,164,045 below 1k Book Directory Offers Free Listing and Premium listing : $19.95/year
Authonomy 228,225 around 15k Online writing community enabling writers to submit their books to a major book publisher, and receive reviews and feedback from a community of readers, editors and agents.
Booklicker no rank none Appears discontinued, domain name for sale.
Booksie 58,718 Close to 100k Free online publishing site that allows writers to easily post, share, and promote their writing.
Bookswellread 9,172,602 none website down.
Booktour 4,799,469 None domain name for sale.
BookBrowse 192,052 Over 100k Offers selected book listing, authors interviews, link to authors’ website Reviewed by humans.
Connect Via Books N/A N/A Automatically redirects to a Facebook page where you an exchange opinion about books through an app.
Book Buzzer 17,160 Around 7k domain name for sale.
Freado 81,084 Around 15k Offer games, contests and many other perks for readers to get acquainted with books.
Discover A Book 5,895,696 around 7k Offers a place to list your book for a small fee.
Filed By 2,646,990 Around 7k Offers a free platform to list your book, open a profile and engage with the community
GoodRead 243 over 3M Build a friend networks of writers and readers, organize events and much more
Gurulib 4,747 around 5k Create your own library of books and games and to make it non-private to share with others.
Internet Book Data Base 1,329,320 Around 4k Offers paid options for featured author or featured book. Caters mainly for Asia.
Jacket Flap 194,951 60k Directory of children books, publishers and professionals related to children book publishing.
Library Thing 12,692 500k Cataloging and social networking site for book lovers.
Listal 3,984 1.5M A place to list, rate, tag and review movies, TV shows, music, games and books and an internal user created database
Nothing Binding 576,542 2k Offers possibility to craft, upload and manage your book cover image, book promotion materials and your bio.
Polkadot Banner 3,122,114 1k Offers possibility to open multiple books aims to be a community of readers and writers. 602,570 Around 2k Offers Possibility to list your book
RedRoom 64,232 Around 40k Offers Possibility to list your book, open a blog from their site, connect with readers and sell your book from their site.
The Self-Publishing Experience 3.6 M Around 2 m Enables you to share your experience about publishing in a vague hope that it will bring some readers to your book.
Reader 2 1,350,671 Around 3m Community book sharing
Shelfari 35,179 Around 100k Enables you to build a virtual book shelf, that include book reviews from Amazon and to interact with your Shelfari community.
Shelf Centered No rank less than 1m Lists your wish list
Slake 5,033,000 Less than 1m Lists some books according to ill-defined criterion
WritersNet 212,494 Around 18k Offers forum, writers and authors directory, various resources for writers, agents and publishers. 49,270 Around 30k Post your poetry, short stories, novels, scripts, and screenplays Get reviews and advice from thousands of other writers. 657,525 Around 10k Currently being redesigned
Zazie Web 10,273,163 Less then 1k For books in French


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Have You Considered Crowdfunding?

There is a new way for authors to get help, support and even readers for their projects and it’s called crowdfunding. If you don’t know what it is or not sure how to do it, Book Daily offers some great tips.


Crowd at Fair

Crowd at Fair (Photo credit: RaeAllen)


Crowdfunding: The Newest Step In The Publishing Process

In order to be successful in the book market, authors need to not only be good writers, but they need to be business savvy, too. Luckily, there are many tools available that can help an author succeed, and one of the newer options is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

First thing’s first. Publishing costs can accumulate quickly and if an author is self-publishing, they are personally responsible to pay for the costs out of pocket. This is where crowdfunding can become extremely beneficial to the self-publishing author. By providing authors with the means to raise funds before they begin the publishing process, crowdfunding greatly mitigates the risk and financial burden of publishing. Read more here.


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Informative Podcasts For Writers

Writers know the value of good information. But writers are also aware that if you are spending all of your time searching for that tip or technique you may never actually getting any writing done. So, have you considered listening to podcasts? If not, you should. I listen to a few that offer writing advice, tips and how to get published. I listen to them when I am cooking, cleaning, walking and driving. For me, that’s when I have time. Over at, is a list of great podcast resources for writers. Take a moment to check them out. Happy writing!

English: Podcast or podcasting icon Français :...

English: Podcast or podcasting icon Français : Icône pour les podcasts ou la baladodiffusion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What authors should stick in their ears and eyes to succeed

The following is a list of resources for anyone interested in writing and publishing. I’m going to head off any rancour immediately and tell you this is neither meant to be a comprehensive list nor is it in any particular order. Okay? Okay. Read on. 1. Joe Konrath’s blog: Arguments are made. Elucidation ensues. Many writers have become author/publishers after reading Konrath’s blog. 2. Self-Publishing Podcast: The guys behind Write, Publish, Repeat often have great guests, but co-host David Wright who is the soulless soul of the show. Always NSFW. New episodes every Thursday. Joanna Penn appears this coming Thursday. (i.e. week of Valentine’s Day, 2014.) Read more here.
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Quill Shift Literary Agency: Making A Change For Diversity In Literature

Quillshift logo


Quill Shift Literary Agency understands that, in this climate, there is a greater need than ever to cultivate savvy writers, to provide them with resources to grow and flourish, and to connect them with readers who will most appreciate their works. For authors coming from different cultures or whose stories showcase characters of color, connecting with readers is that much more important because now more than ever authors are expected to market and publicize their books.

Quill Shift Literary Agency believes that the shift of responsibility should be taken on by the author’s advocate, not fully by the author. The best way to work more publicity and marketing in the value chain is to move it to the beginning. To accomplish this, Quill Shift actively promotes its authors through social media and its website by providing opportunities for readers to get a sneak peek, interact with, and appreciate Quill Shift authors’ works before they are sent to editors at publishing houses. This pre-publication platform on the website is all about connecting the end-consumer (librarians, booksellers, teachers, parents, and the discerning teen who is tired of the mainstream) to captivating stories that reflect the lives of kids and teens today. The interaction and support of stories that connect us will show publishing houses that there is a readership for the diverse works written by authors represented by Quill Shift Literary Agency.

ayanna bio


Ayanna founded Quill Shift Literary Agency in 2013 to pursue her interest in representing unique and thoughtful books for middle grade and young adult readers that embrace and celebrate the individual and their story yet, at the same time, highlight human nature and the entry points that suggest that every story can bring you closer to another person. She has worked in the publishing industry in a number of capacities: in the digital department of a publishing house, within a literary agency, as a book reviewer, and most recently as a children’s librarian. She earned her bachelors degree at the University of Illinois with a major in Marketing and a minor in English and immediately went on to pursue and receive her masters degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois with a concentration in Youth Services.As an agent, Ayanna is looking for middle grade and Young fiction containing plucky, so-real-you-can-feel-them-standing-next-to-you characters, especially those representing our multicultural society. Ideally, characters in the books she represents are dealing with the complex and simple everyday problems of “normal” adolescent life–-normal being loosely defined by whatever world or dimension the characters find themselves in. Self-discovery and shifting world views are welcome, as are all manner of genre fiction (romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy).
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