Are You Thinking Outside The Box?

The markets are inundated with books. So what is the best way to get started separating yourself from everyone else? How creative are you will to get to have people actively seeking for you? At Where Writers Win, there are some very interesting ideas for you to explore.

Collection of Marteting books

Collection of Marteting books (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creative Author Marketing: Beyond the Bookstore

Reader Flora Morris Brown offered up a cool infographic (below) from her own site at A fun way to continue the author marketing brainstorm on ways we can market our work beyond the book store.

Says Flora, “Indie publishers could never count on bookstores to showcase our books and stimulate sales, and it’s more apparent than ever that we must be creative and assertive in getting our books in front of our buyers/readers.”

Other great comments/ideas that came out of our initial Out of the Box Book Marketing article so far have included:


From author Kathie Hightower: “One simple thing we can all do is make a name tag out of our book covers. I size them and add my name at the bottom, then laminate. Wear them to booksignings but other networking events too. My current books are for the military market, 1001 Things to Love About Military Life, and Military Spouse Journey: Discover the Possibilities & Live Your Dreams. I wear the bookmarks all day. People will ask about them and I say, ‘Oh, I forgot I still had that on… I just came from a book signing.’ Starts a conversation that wouldn’t happen otherwise.”

Reader Involvement

From BQB Publishing marketing director Julie Breedlove: “We also like interactive activities at a signing table. Maybe it’s a game or puzzle, something that people want to do related to your book. For adults, that could be a riddle you have to solve for a free prize. For kids, maybe a coloring sheet from a page in the book. We love outside the box thinking…”

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What Good Is Self Publishing?



If you’re wondering what benefit self publishing is to you, then you’ve asked a good question. Here’s the thing, your project is done and your ready to start selling. The only wait time is you preparing to upload it on a site or sites of your choosing, that’s it. Self publishing gives you control and on one else. Making more money with book sales has never been easier. Book distribution on various sites, gets your book to a designated audience.

If you just want to publish to share information, you can do that too. If you happen to make money while sharing your specific information, then self publishing is a win, win situation for you and your target audience. Feel free to give your information away. It’s totally up to you. Getting a book out for others to enjoy is ultimately what all authors long to do. Whether your book is a mystery, picture book or memoir, self publishing is the best way to get your quality information to the masses without having to wait on a publisher or agent to say when.

What good is self publishing to you? Feel free to share your thoughts.


Writing Books? Waste Of Time, Argues NYT Editor Bill Keller (via Broadside)

I write books because it’s in my blood. I can’t help it and I long to do it. This is a great posts and lists reason why writers write. Why do you write?

Writing Books? Waste Of Time, Argues NYT Editor Bill Keller Nice. Here's the editor of The New York Times in this week's Times Magazine on the utter folly of writing books: So, why aren’t books dead yet? It helps that e-books are booming. Kindle and Nook have begun to refashion the economics of the medieval publishing industry: no trucks, no paper, no returns or remainders. But that does not explain why writers write th … Read More

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More Buck For Your Bang!

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Since e-book publishing seems to be getting everyone all worked up, I think that it’s fair to say it is going to be the way. Although, my first choice is to be published going the traditional route in regards to children’s stories, I do plan to keep an eye on the development of e-book sales.

Recently I came across an article from The Bookseller website that states that UK publishers will give authors an escalated rate as their e-book sales increase. Wow! Sounds like a great incentive to write and excellent book and get it out there on the market. I may even reconsider e-publishing myself.

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Happy Writing!