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Welcome to The Neophyte Writer’s author interviews page. Below is a list of authors who have taken the time to tell their story of their writing experiences, and offer writing advice to you. Each of these authors has had a unique experience but some of the advice is the same. When you start your writing project just know it takes time and revision and submitting it is a long process. I hope you enjoy their stories.

Everyday a new writer finishes their project. They’ve spent so much time writing their book that they are not sure of what to do next. Promoting, networking and building an online presence is not always an easy task. Here at The Neophyte Writer I make it easy for you. If you would like to have your book reviewed contact me via email at, and don’t forget to read my review policy. It’s really that simple.

Hall of Fame Authors

Gwendolyn Hooks

Nathaniel Wyckoff

Cat Michaels

Tameka Fryer Brown

Andrew Cotto

Kathryn Kessler

Gina LoBiondo

Karin Lefranc

Sherrill S. Cannon

Jeffery Schatzer

C.J. Carter

Steve Karol

Shana Gammon

K.E.M. Johnston

Melissa Ann Goodwin

Nicole Weaver

Janet Halfman

Gwendolyn Hooks

Brooks Olbrys

Nadine Johnson

Mike Cassidy

Jerilyn Marler

Concetta Payne

Erin Carter

Krystal A. Brown

Monique Peters

Lisa Harkrader

Meike Blommestein

Suzanne Marion

Mayra Calvani

Nicole Weaver

Karen Cioffi

Ellen Sarver Dolgen

Jennifer Willis

Pamela Douglas

Park Wilson

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