Are You Getting Paid To Write?

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100+ Websites That Pay Writers

by Carol Tice

Let’s face it — most blogs don’t pay for guest posts. It’s considered a marketing activity by the writer, who gets a link back to their site.

That can be worth it, too. I’ve gotten some amazing connections and clients from blogging on popular sites.

But I believe writers should be paid for their work. And sites that take guest posts still get a piece of writing out of the deal.

So I did a crazy thing…

Back in late 2010, I did something sort of nuts — I decided to start paying for guest posts.

At the time, my audience was pretty small and I was still earning most of my living from freelance writing.

It didn’t make economic sense on the face of it. I just thought it was the right thing to do.

I needed to put my money where my mouth was. I hoped I might inspire (or is that shame?) some other bloggers into paying for posts as well. I also hoped being different from the norm by being a paying writing market might get this little blog some attention.

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10 Unpleasant Blog Practices That You Should Prevent

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English: Logo for the Addicted to Social Media Blog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10 Unpleasant Blog Practices That You Should Prevent

No blogger is immune from developing bad blogging habits. As a matter of fact, it normally goes out as you get at ease with your work. So before everything gets worst, you should review and ensure that those unpleasant blog practices are prevented, just like the things that will be tackled here – 10 unpleasant blog practice that you should prevent:

1. Postponement – Bloggers are like newscasters, they are known to relay latest issues, so it’s a must to stay that way. When you want to blog about something, do it! Do not dilly-dally because you will never know the significance of the blog topic if you do not create it right away.You might end up losing your concentration and forget everything including your intention to blog about it.

2. Trying too hard – Take it easy when you blog. It is not essay homework and it doesn’t require a minimum number of words to look good. Several blogs live through with merely a sentence and one visual image. Just show the best in you and don’t bother yourself to create metaphors and lines that would give an impact.

3. Responding late to comments – Many readers like to ask questions and leave feedback through the comments section. Your appreciation to them can be felt by giving them feedback on time. If their queries are not being considered, they would definitely look for other blogs who can give attention to their thoughts and consider their opinions as well.

4. Skip proofreading – Editing or proofreading is a vital practice that has to be considered even on blogs.If not, you might face humiliation and they will start to question your credibility by allowing your error-filled article to be published and be read by many.

5. Not ready for the battle – Every human being has different talents and not everyone has the ability to write spontaneously. Even though you are already used to write an article, creating an outline for your blog post is still a helpful tool for you. You might miss other important notes on your article once you only rely on your spontaneity.

6. Not mindful of your fonts – Utilizing different kinds of fonts in one sentence will definitely not attract readers. Even children on their first grade do not make use of those, so better stop doing it.

7. Having a negative attitude – It’s very inviting to create an article wherein you can voice out all of your problems and true feelings. However, ranting over and over again would never produce a positive result. It can even be so infectious to your readers that they’ll end up having a dark cloud over their heads after reading your blog.

8. Indulging in distractions – You do not need to be updated every so often on your email and Facebook stuff. And stop looking at your stats! Most websites will only distract you in creating a quality article. If it’s an important thing, set an allowable time to spend on them.

9. Blowing your own horn – Everyone knows that it’s your personal blog, but reading things that only refers to you over and over again would lessen the interest of your readers. Create an excitement by presenting other individuals on your article. The topic doesn’t have to be always you.

10. Too much social media – Social media is an important key to have a successful blog, but too much of anything is unhealthy. Some bloggers spend way more time updating their social media profiles they forget to update their blog.

You don’t have to wait for the New Year to start making changes. These routines can be insignificant to others but do not disregard because they can make or break your blog.

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Does Your Blog Need Repair?

We all need help with our blogs look and feel right? The correct answer is YES! I like to change the look of my blogs at least every six months sometimes more often than that. But, if you are just starting out and you want to know what you should have on your blog so that you can gain readers and followers Heidi Cohen has 31 tips to get you started along with ways to fix whatever might be wrong or missing from your blog.

English: Blogs on JoopeA

English: Blogs on JoopeA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

31 Blog Design Mistakes (& How to Fix Them)

31 Blog Design Tips You Need Now!

Does your blog design make you look dumb? Or worse, does it cause readers to quickly click away before they’ve had the chance to experience your content? If this sounds like your blog, don’t worry. Many bloggers underestimate the need to establish effective blog design in their rush to start blogging.

Blog design encompasses more than the basic look and feel. Blog design is about how you choose, structure and present your content. Blog presentation builds trust and credibility that validates the content.

To improve your blog design, here are thirty-one common blog design mistakes and how to fix them. Read more here.

Blogathon 2011 Reaches Its End


Image by rod amaru  via Flickr

I loved participating in the WordCount Blogathon 2011! I am so glad that I was able to post everyday and it didn’t kill me. I met some new friends and acquired lots of great information.  As writers we want to be able to share our experiences. Getting online and networking with others is a great and much needed experience. I look forward to doing this again. Thanks Michelle!

Blog Traffic – How To Bring It!

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This month a lot of us have been participating in the WordCount Blogathon 2011. I have had a blast and this has really forced me to post every day and it’s been a great experience. Blogathons are a great way to build ready traffic.

I recently came across Novel Publishing Group. It’s a great site and resource for writers. There you will find a list of ways to bring more visitors and followers to your blog or website. You can also find some very interesting writers resources and links. Check it out!

11 Ways To Maximize Your Blog Traffic In 2011.