Story Telling Techniques: What Works For You?

Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative

Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In order to engage children with my stories written or spoken, I need to create stories that encourage listening. With these stories I hope  that children will learn new and wonderful words. If I create a story that revolves around another world they can learn from that as well. I want to get their imaginations flowing and get responses that peak their curiosity for learning. I make every effort to use all five senses in my writing. I attempt to create characters children can relate to, as well as, be inspired by. Telling a story opens a door to so many possibilities and encourages reading. I love being a writer.

Rachel Mork, at,  wrote an article that sums up simple techniques every writer can use.

Effective Storytelling Techniques

By: Rachel Mork

When you use effective storytelling techniques you can turn a tame story into a fantastic experience. Storytelling is fun for children and adults alike, especially if you take the time to create the proper mood and setting. You can learn storytelling by watching an experienced storyteller or just practice on your own. Try some of these storytelling techniques to enhance your own stories.

  • Set the Mood: Stories are best received when they are told in a unique setting. Try telling stories around a campfire, in a dark room with flashlights, nightlights or candles or out on a blanket by the light of the moon. Children and adults alike will get into the story more if you set up the storytelling as an event. Setting the mood builds the anticipation.
  • Set up the Story: Before you launch into telling the actual story, you’ll want to set up your audience to know what to expect. If you are telling a funny story, you’ll want to start out with some good-natured joking about the story. If you’re telling a spooky story, you’ll want to joke about creepy-crawly types of things or about how you hope this story doesn’t scare the kids too much. Have fun with your introduction. Look up jokes if you’re not good at ad libbing. Again, the point here is to build the anticipation.

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Street Smarts: Beyond The Diploma

Title: Street Smarts: Beyond The Diploma

Author: Jim Randel

Illustrator: Rebecca Kunzmann/Kim Lincon

Paperback: 125 pages
Publisher: Rand Media Company
ISBN: 978-0-9844418-7-7


Do you value yourself? Would you like to have more personal freedom? Do you have a dream and vision for yourself? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you are ready to lean how to become more street smart on your journey to success.

Randel introduces readers to the power of you. The road to success isn’t easy but if you know what you’re passionate about you will learn to focus on that by focusing on your strengths and your weaknesses. Think of those close to you as a board of directors that you can bounce ideas off of for solid feedback, good or bad.

Readers will learn how to communicate. Learn how to listen and pace yourself to react and train your thoughts in a positive manner. Learn to manage your time and thought process so you can better express yourself. Be energetic, small differences in the energy you give off can lead to big differences in how people will react to you. Learn about appearance, speaking patterns and vocabulary. Get tips on finding similar interests with those you encounter.

Randel covers how to network and keep a people diary. Readers will learn the importance of social capital and how to build upon it. Time management and how to be productive are simplified by showing the reader how to be more organized with filing and tickler systems.

Readers will learn about contracts, what to do if you are arrested, identity theft, the stock market, investing and so much more, Street Smarts covers all the necessary topics readers may not learn through traditional avenues. Readers will get past their fears and learn to take control.


The Skinny On Time Management

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Title: The Skinny On

Time Management: How to Maximize Your 24-hour Gift

Author: Jim Randel

Illustrator: Lindy Nass/Rebecca Kunzmann

Paperback: 215 pages
Publisher: Rand Media Company
ISBN: 978-0-9841393-9-2


Are you a procrastinator? Do you have gaps in your day and as a result no accomplishments were made? If this is you without a doubt you have time management issues. If you want to maximize your time and get more done then it is time you invested in learning how to manage your time.

Randel will show you step-by-step in simple illustrations on how to account for each minute in your busy day. Readers will learn how to set goals by creating a journal of your day-to-day activities. Would you like to improve your memory? Learn how to stretch your mind, spread out your food intake, exercise and learn memory skills.

Readers will learn how to defeat procrastination by setting goals, breaking up big projects into smaller manageable pieces and by taking notes. Get rid of clutter in your mind and your home. Develop a tangible system which will help improve time management. Randel shows readers how to create goals, make the most of the gaps and be more focused. Helpful links are found throughout the book along with words of encouragement from some of your favorite celebrities.

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The Skinny On Networking




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Title: The Skinny On

Networking:Maximizing the Power of Numbers

Author: Jim Randel

Illustrator: Lindy Nass/Rebecca Kunzmann

Paperback: 245 pages
Publisher: Rand Media Company
ISBN: 978-0-98444418-1-5


Are you planning to write a book, start a business or have information that needs to be shared among the masses? If so, do you know how to network? Have you thought about how to introduce yourself to others? If not, then it’s time you learned how.

Randel has created a simple way to introduce anyone into the world of networking. Readers will learn how to lower interpersonal barriers. Get access to people who can help you. Start small and within your inner circle. Randel gives plenty of insight on social media and how to reach out and communicate.

If you are shy to start Randel will teach you how to get out of your comfort zone by getting to know someone and then making notes about what you’ve learned. Readers will learn how far to go with the networking you are doing. Read about how your favorite celebrities achieved their goals by networking. Learning to network is a slow process. Randel will teach you how to pace yourself and helpful tips are listed for quick and easy reference.