Writers – Start Planning For Next Year Now

nanowrimo, day 15 goal

Image by Paloetic via Flickr

It is the beginning of the year and all of us attempt to make a list, even if it is a mental list, of new years resolutions. Generally the list consists of things we will or will not do in the new year. And many of us never seem to make it past the first 90 days of the year. Our list becomes gone or forgotten. So, what is the answer to keeping up with the resolutions we set for ourselves? Do we take on too much and then become overwhelmed with it? Is it just that our list is too generalized and the items don’t really mean anything to us? I have a few suggestions to help you keep and stay in step with your new years resolutions. It worked for me. I spent the last year testing each step.

 The first thing that you should consider is really thinking about the current year as a whole. Start thinking about the new year in October. Start to think about the list of resolutions you made but didn’t follow. From that you are kicking yourself wishing that you had stuck with it. Where would you be now if you had.

 Secondly, make the list. Be reasonable with the list. Only list the things you know you absolutely have to start and do in the new year. This list needs to include things that you know if you don’t follow through the consequences will definitely affect you and/or your family. For example, if your doctor tells you that you must quite smoking. Guess what, do it! There are plenty of programs that are offered for free. Ask your doctor about them. There are support groups so you don’t have to do it alone. There are products and coupons that can be obtained.

 Thirdly, do the research. Make sure that any help you might need to achieve your goal is readily available. For example, if you want to start a business go to the library, use the internet, visit your local small business administration center. Gather information so that you know what is expected to reach the goal on your list of resolutions. Don’t forget that family and friends can be a really good resources of information. You never know who they might know.

 Once you’ve made you’ve made your list discuss it with your loved ones. Saying it out loud and letting them know that you are serious makes it real. It can be perceived as a little bit more pressure and a nudge to get you acting on your list or it can be looked upon as you have your own personal support group. Whatever the case, these 3 tips will get you really considering taking on the new year in a positive and proactive manner. Good luck!