Writing Schedules: Tips On Creating One

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English: Book and apparatus for writing. Engraving (prints). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creating a writing schedule is tougher than I thought. I have been struggling with this for a while now. Our busy lives at home can create a huge obstacle for us when it comes to our writing. Daily responsibilities can hinder our writing time in more ways than one. I’ve discovered a few sites that offer tips and suggestions on creating a writing schedule and how to be more productive with the little writing time you may have. Check out this Book TV video on how some writers schedule their writing. Happy writing!

Check out these 6 steps from R.A. Evans on starting out small and keeping motivated.

If you want to be a writer, you have to write. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The hard part isn’t knowing what you have to do so much as it’s finding when to do it. Sure, you have to write, but you also have to pay the bills, spend time with your family, and take the occasional shower. There’s no shortage of things you want to do, either, from catching up with friends to watching Game of Thrones on HBO. It can seem impossible to fit writing in amid all your other priorities.

What’s a busy writer to do? Don’t give up! Follow these six simple steps, and you’ll find there’s time for writing in every single day. Read more here.

Linda Clare shares tips in regards to the seasonal you.

Writing Tip for Today: Your writing schedule will depend on the “season” of your life. Whether you have a day job, a gaggle of children to care for or you’re working on a college degree, these endeavors obviously drain a lot of your time. And published writers have deadlines to meet, meaning they’re crazy-busy at times. Yet it IS possible to create a writing schedule and stick to it. Here are a few thoughts on writing schedules at all stages of your writing journey: Read more here.

Is Writing Fun?

Writing is My Hobby

Are you having fun writing or does it seem to be a chore?  

I love writing. I giggle every time I come up with a new idea and jot it down in my journal. I love talking about writing even when it annoys those around me who get to hear it all the time. Again, I giggle. I love reading about writing and learning about writing. I can’t get enough. Some of the information sticks and some rolls off when I get information overload. 

There are times when I feel overwhelmed with all of the information and the list of things I need to do. But, I just take a little break and venture out into the world, picking up more new information and eavesdropping on conversations, just in case I can use it in one of my projects (*giggle*). I do get tired sometimes, but like anything else we need to just take little breaks to get rejuvenated. 

If you are starting out down the road to writing and you are feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. You can find a writing buddy, take a class or join a writers group. If that doesn’t help ease your pain then perhaps writing isn’t for you. I have been writing and creating for a long time. It’s in my blood and literally in my genes. In my opinion, if you don’t eat sleep and drink writing you probably won’t write. 

What’s writing like for you?