Make Way for the Energy of Spring!

Make Way for the Energy of Spring!

5 Tips For Energetic Spring Clearing

By Elaine Seiler

As spring comes to the winter climates, we humans seem to come alive with vitality. We are suddenly driven to plant flowers, tidy our yards, and clean, clean, clean. As you clean out your closets, pack up your woolens and bring your spring clothes out of their storage places, remember it is important to clear the energies from those spaces as well. 

Every person who entered that closet, every physical item that was stored in the closet, has an energy that left a residue or shadow in that space. Spring cleaning from an energetic perspective means clearing those old energies as much as it means tidying, dusting, folding and sweeping.

How do you do that? Here are some ideas:

  1. Burn an incense stick with sage or frankincense to clear and rebalance the old energies that were in the closets, in the nooks and crannies deposited there from the emotions you held in the past.
  2. Put a quartz crystal or amethyst geode in the corners of your home or closets and infuse them with a sincere prayer that they hold a positive energy throughout the spring and summer.
  3. Visualize a pyramid of clear bright white light coming down from the other dimensions and settling perfectly over the closet or over your entire house. Do this exercise in your mind’s eye, knowing and trusting that when the pyramid settles over the area of your focus that it will clear, balance, renew and refresh the energies within it. Then, in the weeks to come, whenever you think of it, refill the pyramid with clean, clear energy. Ask your Guides or angels or the Beings of Light to keep the energies clear and as harmonious as possible to best support your process.
  4. You can also use your body to clear and clean the energies in the space on which you are working. Imagine your body is an energetic vacuum cleaner or giant filtration device. Open up to the energies of the other dimensions; allow them to flow down through your crown charka, or the crown of your head, and pass through your body like a pulsating screen. Allow those vibrations to pass through your body and out into the field around you. The energies coming from the other dimensions are too fast to be utilized on earth, but our bodies have the ability to step the energy down to a rate or pulsation that is useable by us here on earth. The energy passes through our bodies and out into the field, changing or transforming the field and clearing it just as if it were a filter or vacuum as mentioned above. You can raise the energies if they seem too slow and dense. You can dampen them down if they feel too fast and intense. You can anchor them if they feel too wild and erratic. You can tuck them if they are too stretched out. Just use your imagination to play with and adjust the energies and trust that what you imagine is actually able to unfold. You more powerful than you ever imagined.
  5. For the energies around you to be clear, YOU must be clear. Therefore spring cleaning means clearing and cleaning, balancing and harmonizing the energy in and around you. You can:

  • Use sage or frankincense or another incense to clear the energies around you just as you used it to clear your closets.
  • Use a crystal to clear your personal field just as you did your closets.
  • Use color to shift the energies in your immediate field. Visualize yourself bathed in whatever color you intuitively feel you need, to either clean the field or to balance it. You might then feel the need for a second color infusion to bring you the frequencies you need after the space has been cleared.
  • Use sound to clear, balance and refresh the field on which you are working – the sound of the human voice in an “Om,” the sound of a Tibetan bell ringing pure and clear, the sound of a crystal bowl, humming with vibration. 

Any or all of these tools will assist your clearing process. So as spring comes knocking at your door, don’t let it knock you over. Face the March winds and spring flowers knowing that you can cope with whatever comes your way physically and energetically. You are in charge of your reality. 


About the Author: Author and energetics expert Elaine Seiler (SAY Sigh-ler) is at the forefront of explaining humanity’s “energetic evolution” and how we can cope and thrive in the face of rapid change. Elaine is a life and career coach, researcher, mother and grandmother. In 1992, after 20 years of work as a career consultant and life coach, she discovered energetics, the study and use of multi-dimensional energies and their interplay with life on earth. She is the author of Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution and Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook: Exercises for Energetic Awakening. Learn more at and Contact Elaine at

Manifest Juicy, Juicy Love Today!

Manifest Juicy, Juicy Love Today!

By Lisa McCourt

JuicyFeels are the guided processes I teach in Juicy Joy training for shifting your energy to attract desired circumstances. In honor of Love-Month, I offer you a powerful JuicyFeel for establishing a deeply intimate connection with a lover. It will work for you whether you already have a romantic partner, or you’re simply ready to attract one. Enjoy!

JuicyFeel for Romantic Intimacy

  • Start by taking whatever steps you most enjoy taking to deeply relax. Purposefully switch out of mental head-space by gently stroking your skin and placing all your attention and focus on that pleasurable sensation.
  • Imagine you as your most ideal self, in a beautiful, serene nature setting. Wear something sexy and give yourself time to get totally pumped with the full-on recognition of your own wonderfulness.
  • In your completely private, lush, natural setting, spread a soft blanket on the ground and relax on the blanket, knowing your ideal lover is about to join you. You’re so excited, thinking about how much you thrill each other, feeling the rich energetic connection between you even when you’re not physically together. Relish the waiting, deliberately amping up your anticipation until the scrumptious tingle of sexual chemistry fills your whole body.
  • Imagine your lover approaching. If you already have a real-life partner that you want to increase intimacy with, imagine that person. If not, focus on the feeling of your lover’s energetic presence instead of trying to visualize any physical features.
  • Embrace your lover however feels best in your imagination. Breathe in your lover’s essence. Feel the electricity of your lover’s skin against yours. Sigh deeply. You are home.
  • Your lover has brought you a gift—the perfect gift that demonstrates a profound understanding of who you authentically are and what would most please you.
  • Accept this gift and allow yourself to be swept away with the flood of appreciation you feel for this person who sees you so clearly. Passionately express your appreciation, in whatever sensual manner feels best to you. Taste God in your beloved.
  • Wrapped in your lover’s arms, recognize how utterly free and alive you feel. You could do or say anything at all in this moment, knowing this person cherishes you, is irresistibly drawn to you, is curious about you, and is eager to witness the ever-evolving, full spectrum of your you-ness. You feel the same exhilarating intrigue about your beloved and every moment you spend together offers thrilling new aspects of one another to explore.
  • Your lover gazes adoringly into your eyes and whispers words to you—the perfect words you’ve always longed to hear.
  • You share a final, soul-igniting embrace, and your lover leaves, having been inspired to go do something exquisitely meaningful for you that again demonstrates a poignant understanding of your most uniquely authentic desires.
  • Blissed-out on the blanket, you bask in the joy and appreciation of having this amazing person in your life. You now know the love you’ve always dreamed of is possible. You can’t stop smiling.
  • While you’re still immersed in the yummy juice of this JuicyFeel, take a moment to answer these questions in your journal:
    • What was the gift your lover brought you?
    • What were the words your lover whispered to you?
    • What did your lover leave to do for you? 

The Truth about Your Ideal Lover

There’s a prerequisite for having the kind of Juicy-Joyful love relationship you just imagined. In order to love anyone else, you must first love yourself. And to have big, big, love in your life, you have to love yourself in a big, big way. Now that your subconscious has told you what the perfect gift for you would be, what the most perfect words you could ever hear would be, and what you’d most like done for you . . . guess who needs to take care of those things. 

You do. To attract your ideal lover, you need to become your ideal lover. Go buy yourself that gift. Write those words on your mirror, and say them to yourself daily. Whatever you’re waiting for a lover to do for you, go do it. Do all of these things for yourself in the spirit of big, big love—for you! Not because you aren’t going to get the real-life lover, but because the best way to attract that kind of relationship is to treat yourself, right now, the way you most want to be treated. 

The point I’m making here is not that you should do those things for yourself so that you won’t need the lover after all. I am a card-carrying believer that big, big love is your birthright and is available to anyone who’s willing to hold out for it and do the self-love work necessary to pull it in. The point is that everything in your life—most especially your romantic relationship—is providing a crystal-clear snapshot of how you’re feeling about you. If you’re in a lukewarm relationship, you have a lukewarm relationship with you. If you’re in a horribly unfulfilling relationship, you have a lot of work to do—on loving yourself. To my mind, the promise of the possibility for big, big love is the very most compelling reason to get serious about your authenticity and self-adoration. 

If you’d like the audio version of this JuicyFeel, embedded with powerful, subliminal self-love messages via Eldon Taylor’s patented InnerTalk technology, you can access it free (along with many others) when you pre-order Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self. Details are at

Happy Love-Month, my juicy friend! 

About the Author: Unconditional love expert Lisa McCourt is a dynamic speaker, seminar leader and author whose 34 books have sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide. Her new book, Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self, teaches people to embrace “radical authenticity” to fully experience unbridled joy in life. Lisa lives in South Florida with her two children. For a free Juicy Joy audio program, visit