Twitter Conversations: Have You Visited The Directory?

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There are a lot of writers out there who have had their noses in front of a PC, laptop or typewriter. Yes, there are some who willing punch keys on a typewriter. So when the manuscript is finished, they look up and realize that they’re not sure what to do next. Some have been busy setting up an online presence others have not. I’m just wondering if anyone has heard about Twitter Directory? I am just discovering it myself. I would like to share what I have learned thus far.

From what I gather its an online directory called “We Follow” for anyone who has a Twitter account. It’s organized by categories each person has selected in regards to interest. You can add yourself quickly and easily. You are able to search categories like book reviewer, blogger, books, writer or whatever niche you have selected. We Follow makes it easy for anyone to search a category and review others to follow or even checkout their websites.

We you visit the site it is colorful and inviting. The top searches are displayed right up front along with the top cities. If you are looking for the best and most followed participants this directory makes it simple to find whatever interest peeks your curiosity. I have added myself and hope that many will find me. Have you signed up for a Twitter account? If so, I’ll follow you if you follow me.