Easy Book Outline Ideas

I really want to be able to create a simple outline for my story. Often times my writing flow gets interrupted because I am so worried about sticking to my outline.  I found some help from a blog post by Bess Weatherby at DYI MFA. She has suggested 4 ways to outline a book that are simple and allow a write to hang on to their free flow of writing.


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Four Methods for Outlining Your Book

by Bess Weatherbypublished in Writing

This is the fourth  post in my series on the benefits of writing with an outline. In my first post, I listed three reasons why most writers need an outline. In the second, I discussed three things to keep in mind when creating an outline. In the third, I talked about how to use one while drafting. In this post, we’ll get into some of the nuts and bolts of different types of outlines.

Let’s start with the obvious: every book is different. And, also obvious: every writer is different. Slightly less obvious: the method of writing each book will be different. Most writers find a system. Sometimes, books blow up that system. At some point, the method that worked for your last book or your best friend or your favorite writer will fail you. Or you’ll discover a new method. Or you’ll realize you’ve let the character drag you kicking and screaming into a murderous subplot you did-not-see-coming! And no one but other writers understands how this can happen.

At this point, I’m often tempted to quote the Cheshire Cat: “We’re all mad here.”

It is in times like these that an outline can be useful. It’s a bridge from your inspiration to the words on the page. A reminder of where you want the story to go. A map. READ MORE HERE.


Writing – The Key To Communication

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Let’s talk, let’s chat, let’s converse, I say! Or perhaps I can just write to tell you or the masses what I am thinking. Writers want to share ideas and thoughts. That’s exactly why I write. Sometimes it’s difficult to express myself unless I write it down first. For me it’s the best way to get what I want to communicate to everyone I want to communicate with.

I love to write letters on note cards and nice paper. It’s a habit I have kept for most of my life. Emails are a favorite thing too. I am guilty of forwarding funny jokes and alerts that have dropped in my box. Emails are a great way to spread the word about a book giveaway I might be having or an article that’s being featured somewhere on cyberspace. Some people may not look at an email as a way of really writing, but it is definitely in the category of getting information out as a way of communication.

 Again, without people what would we write and who would we communicate with? How do you communicate? Is your preference a typewriter, laptop, PC or do you simply write on paper?