Street Smarts: Beyond The Diploma

Title: Street Smarts: Beyond The Diploma

Author: Jim Randel

Illustrator: Rebecca Kunzmann/Kim Lincon

Paperback: 125 pages
Publisher: Rand Media Company
ISBN: 978-0-9844418-7-7


Do you value yourself? Would you like to have more personal freedom? Do you have a dream and vision for yourself? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you are ready to lean how to become more street smart on your journey to success.

Randel introduces readers to the power of you. The road to success isn’t easy but if you know what you’re passionate about you will learn to focus on that by focusing on your strengths and your weaknesses. Think of those close to you as a board of directors that you can bounce ideas off of for solid feedback, good or bad.

Readers will learn how to communicate. Learn how to listen and pace yourself to react and train your thoughts in a positive manner. Learn to manage your time and thought process so you can better express yourself. Be energetic, small differences in the energy you give off can lead to big differences in how people will react to you. Learn about appearance, speaking patterns and vocabulary. Get tips on finding similar interests with those you encounter.

Randel covers how to network and keep a people diary. Readers will learn the importance of social capital and how to build upon it. Time management and how to be productive are simplified by showing the reader how to be more organized with filing and tickler systems.

Readers will learn about contracts, what to do if you are arrested, identity theft, the stock market, investing and so much more, Street Smarts covers all the necessary topics readers may not learn through traditional avenues. Readers will get past their fears and learn to take control.