Social Media Overload

Social media usage is now a need. It’s the fastest, easiest, hardest, and most time-consuming method for self-expression and business marketing tool there is today. Whew! Where do you begin? Which social media tool will be best for you? How many should you sign up for? These are the questions that new writers are asking themselves as they begin the journey of building an author platform. I came across and article that will help you sort out some of the conundrum. I will also be writing some articles on the various social media outlets to tell you about what their purpose is and who is utilizing these free services.

Social Media Marketing – Why You Need to Join the Conversation

by Collyn Floyd

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Digg, blogging…with so many social media possibilities, what’s a marketer to do? New social media websites are popping up on a seemingly daily basis, and it can be overwhelming just trying to keep up with all of them, much less determining which ones will make the most sense for your business. The good news is that you don’t have to – and shouldn’t – do it all.

Because social media is so vast and varied, you’re better off picking a few types of social media that are the best fit for your business and then doing those well. But you may need to be convinced that social media is a worthwhile endeavor in the first place… Benefits of Social Media Marketing Social media is a “must” in any marketing strategy, but especially in a down economy when your marketing budget may be tight or even nonexistent. Most social media sites are free, so while they’ll definitely require an investment of your time and energy, they won’t require any cash. Plus, social media marketing is interactive, so you’ll be able to target your demographic in new and interesting ways outside of traditional marketing techniques. In other words, you may actually be able to catch someone’s attention! Many social media websites actually rank well in the search engines, so you may get the added bonus of increased search engine visibility.

If you’re still not convinced to give social media a try, consider that social media marketing can help you:

  • Save money. It’s ridiculously inexpensive!
  • Increase visitor traffic to your site
  • Increase your website’s link popularity
  • Increase your company’s brand awareness
  • Increase your website’s search engine rankings
  • Connect to throngs of people
  • Build an online community
  • Find out what your customers are thinking

Can you say all these things about billboards, radio spots, or other traditional marketing techniques? From blogging to photo-sharing to article distribution, social media gives you a platform to connect with potential customers, build your brand, and drive new sources of traffic to your site. Read more here.