How Do You Exercise Your Brain To Write?

If you are not exercising your brain and building its muscle for writing, you might be missing out on some very important stimulation and information. Over at the Elephant Journal, Kim Haas has some great tips to share that she discovered when practicing her yoga.



5 Things My Yoga Practice has Brought to My Writing Practice. ~ Kim Haas

I’ve been writing for close to 30 years and practicing yoga for less than two.

But, as soon as I hit my mat, I could see the connection between the two practices and knew that the alchemy of both yoga and writing would be powerful.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1. Presence

Yoga is teaching me to be in the moment, whether it’s on my mat or off. Writing deserves nothing but my fullest, most focused attention I can bring to the page.

2. Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Practicing through tears, through challenging sensations in my body, in my heart, in my mind…yoga is teaching me to stay there, in those dark, uncomfortable places. Writing also takes me to those kinds of places. Before yoga, I might’ve found that the refrigerator suddenly needed to be cleaned from top to bottom rather than stay at my desk. Now, I’m learning to stay there. Stay on the page, stay with the discomfort and let the story that needs to be told, be told. Read more here.