Informative Podcasts For Writers

Writers know the value of good information. But writers are also aware that if you are spending all of your time searching for that tip or technique you may never actually getting any writing done. So, have you considered listening to podcasts? If not, you should. I listen to a few that offer writing advice, tips and how to get published. I listen to them when I am cooking, cleaning, walking and driving. For me, that’s when I have time. Over at, is a list of great podcast resources for writers. Take a moment to check them out. Happy writing!

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English: Podcast or podcasting icon Français : Icône pour les podcasts ou la baladodiffusion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What authors should stick in their ears and eyes to succeed

The following is a list of resources for anyone interested in writing and publishing. I’m going to head off any rancour immediately and tell you this is neither meant to be a comprehensive list nor is it in any particular order. Okay? Okay. Read on. 1. Joe Konrath’s blog: Arguments are made. Elucidation ensues. Many writers have become author/publishers after reading Konrath’s blog. 2. Self-Publishing Podcast: The guys behind Write, Publish, Repeat often have great guests, but co-host David Wright who is the soulless soul of the show. Always NSFW. New episodes every Thursday. Joanna Penn appears this coming Thursday. (i.e. week of Valentine’s Day, 2014.) Read more here.
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Have You Considered Creating An Audio Book?

Playaway Audiobooks

Playaway Audiobooks (Photo credit: San Mateo County Library)

Physical books and ebooks are just a few ways to get your project to a target audience. But have you considered putting your book to sound? If you haven’t you should. Creating an audio book will help you reach a larger audience. It’s important to cover every angle when it comes to getting your project out to the masses. If you aren’t sure how to get started Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn can help you get started.

10 Top Tips On How To Create An Audio Book

I heard Don Katz, the CEO of speak at the London Book Fair back in April. He explained the huge growth in audiobook consumption and said that there are simply not enough audiobooks to satisfy the demand.

But how do you actually get your book into audio format? Author and guest blogger Brendan Foley explains his journey and I’ve added a couple more options at the bottom of the article as this is a topic I am fascinated with and will soon be exploring further.

An audio book by accident

My latest exploration into publishing comes in the form of audio. It all happened from a chance encounter with a good friend who confessed that he hadn’t read my book (an all too familiar situation for an author!). When I pressed him he had a great excuse; “it’s my eyes you see, I find reading tiring, but I have to say that instead, I now listen to audio books. Have you ever considered doing one?”

In truth I hadn’t and until recently I didn’t listen to audio books either. WOW I didn’t realize what I was missing! With my hectic schedule I suddenly found that while driving or doing the washing up I could listen to an audio book. I feel like I’ve cheated time and stolen a few minutes each time I do. If you are not listening to audiobooks I urge you to give them a try. Read more here.

Free Ebooks!

eBook printing experiments

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Everyone likes to get things for free. If you love books no matter what format they come in then check out these sites!

  1. Project Gutenberg
  7. Open Library
  9. Authorama
  10. Universal Digital Library at Carnegie Mellon University

In addition to this list you can also find ebooks at Google, Barnes & Nobles and Apple.

Happy Reading!

Multi-Tasking With Podcasting

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I love to do more than one thing at a time. But to do it efficiently takes some thought, at least for me it does. I want to be sure that when I am doing more than one thing at a time that it will be beneficial and that I am not just running around spinning my wheels. The one thing that I attempt to do daily is walk and listen to podcasts. I consider this to be an effective and efficient way to multi-task.

I figure if I am walking that will benefit me in a physical manner as well as spiritual and health wise. So, I could listen to some favorite music and that would be alright but all I would be doing is walking and singing. Now, in order to really get the most out of my walk, I thought it would be a good idea to listen to podcasts. With podcasting I can learn from what I download. It has to be something writing related in order for it to be effective and efficient.

I chose Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn. I love all of the interviews she does with folks in the world of writing. I enjoy the conversations. The guests she has are always informative and willing to share with other writers. I learn a lot when I walk. So, by doing the multi-tasking with podcasting I stay ahead of the writing game, so I think in my own mind, and I am gettting out and becoming more and more healthy in mind and spirit along the way.

Are you doing any multi-tasking? If so, what? If not, why not? I’d love to hear from you.