Book Review Opportunity

book review

Reviews are an important part of the promotion process for authors. Reviewers actively promote reviews of your book(s) because reading and literacy is an important and worthy cause. If you are only looking for a basic review, I will always review your book for free and share it here at TNW, Amazon and Good Reads. If you are looking to widen your reach of potential readers, then you may want to participate in my Author Highlight  or Author Exposed opportunity.

I provide a fair review of your book along with how readers can utilize your story as a tool for education or everyday life. I would love to review your book. I accept all books that are of any genre for this site. I also review books that assist with parenting, literacy, teaching or enhance a life of reading. I prefer hardback or paperback books only because I offer book giveaways. I have reviewed ebooks and do so more often than not. If your ebook is selected for review please be prepared to offer it as a potential giveaway. All books are donated to a participating winner, school library, child in need or shelter. Please feel free to email me at with a brief description of your book, links to your site and any other links you feel are necessary.

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