Five Reasons Writers Should Listen to Podcasts

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Sitting down to write isn’t as easy as some may think. When writing a book, not only does it take creativity but it requires knowing the rules of writing. You could visit the library and check out a plethora of books and maybe that works best for you. But, in the end you are spending more time reading than writing. If you were to listen to a podcast when you take a break from your writing you could spend quality time learning the craft by simply listening.

When you walk your dog, feed your cat, clean your place or even when you take a shower these are necessary tasks, we all must do, so why not multitask by listening to a podcast? There are plenty of platforms and ways to listen and learn all about how to write, what’s new in the world of publishing, how to sell your books and even how to use social media. Below are my five reasons writers should listen to podcasts and which five podcasts you should start with if you are not sure where to begin.

Learn Writing Tips

When you sit down to write your novel you may get to a point when you realize you don’t remember some of the general grammar rules. Mignon Forgarty, the creator of Grammar Girl, can help you with simple tips that will make you a better writer. Mignon’s podcast has won the “Best Education Podcast” and she is an inductee in the Podcasting Hall of Fame.

Learn The Pros and Cons of Traditional and Self-Publishing

If you are curious as to whether or not you should go down the rabbit hole of traditional publishing or just publish your book your way can be difficult without a bit of insight. Belinda Pollard is the founder of Gracewriters podcast. She is a publishing consultant, writing coach and book editor. Her podcasts offer writers plenty of helpful resources.

Learn What’s New in Publishing

Keeping up with publishing trends is a task most writers don’t have time for when you are trying to just get your book done. Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn takes on that task for you. She is an award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author. She interviews plenty of professionals with experience in publishing, marketing, writing and so much more.

Learn How to Use Social Media

It seems everyone has a favorite social media platform these days. There are some people that use all of the popular social media platforms. The question is how to use social media to sell your book. Andrea Jones of the Savvy Social podcast has her finger on the pulse of the how and why of social media marketing. Authors should think of themselves as a business and Andrea can help you navigate the social media platforms.

Learn How to Sell Your Books

As an author it is important for you to grow your business by selling your books. If you are not sure where to begin the Sell More Books Show podcast, with Bryan Cohen and Claire Taylor help authors stay up-to-date with book marketing tools.

You are now ready to begin your journey of becoming an informed author. Be sure to take a moment to listen to these experts so you can become a better writer and sell more books.

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