Book Review: The Complete Guide To Pressure Canning



Title:  The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning

Author: Diane Devereaux

Illustrations: Amber Day

Publisher: Rockridge Press

ISBN: 9781641520904

With today’s food prices there has got to be a way to preserve the foods we buy to last just a little bit longer. Pressure canning is one way of doing that. If you’re curious about ways to keep whole meals for a later day this guide will help educate you on the process and will provide you with delicious recipes to share with your family and friends.

This guide shares the history of canning, how to avoid bacteria along with what you can and can’t pressure can. Readers will also learn what types of equipment and tools will be needed to prepare these easy meals. Once you start the canning process there are rules and solutions to problems that may occur.

The recipe sections will have you amazed at what you can preserve. You will learn to prepare and can beverages, meats, vegetables and so much more. Each recipe shares a processing chart, preparation time and cook time. There is even a chart on processing wild game meat for the hunter in you.

The back pages offer other resources, how to prepare for disaster, a glossary and even various altitudes around the country. If you are a fan of beef tips, spaghetti, lentils, squash and even making a favorite chutney to save for a rainy day this guide is perfect for the cook who has it all or the novice who just wants to prepare amazing dishes.

Courtesy of Callisto Publisher’s Club

By Kristi Bernard Posted in Writing

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