How To Start A Newsletter

If you’re wanting to start sending out a newsletter to your followers and you’re not sure where to start Author’s Atlas has some great steps and how to images to get you started.


At the conferences I’ve attended, in blog posts I’ve read, and on podcasts I listen to (like the Self-Publishing Round Table), I’ve heard over and over that having a mailing list is absolutely vital for selling books.  Chances are, you’ve heard this same advice, so you might be wondering, HOW do I set up a mailing list?

Mailing List Providers

There are many different mailing list providers. Here’s a great comparison chart on that you can use to compare and decide which one will be right for your needs.

Mail Chimp

The provider that I use for the Author’s Atlas newsletter and that I recommend to all of my Author Rx clients is Mail Chimp. The number one reason I recommend Mail Chimp is because it’s free until you get over 2,000 email addresses on your mailing list.  If you’re an author just starting out, it may take you several books to build up this many subscribers.  Depending on quickly you write, you may be below the 2,000 subscriber mark for a couple of years and you’ll save money by avoiding a subscription plan in the beginning. READ MORE HERE.