Developing a Writing Habit

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One Writer's Journey

Are you one of those writers who has to be in just the right mood to write?  That has to commune with your Muse? numbers-time-watch-white

I’m not.  I can’t afford to be.  Absolutely nothing helps you develop a regular writing habit better than deadlines. At the moment, I have 5:

  • One Muffin blog post.
  • The final draft of Women in Science.
  • 7 Activities with photos.
  • Chapter 1 and an outline for Women in Sports.
  • The final draft of Women in Sports.

The first deadline is in just under two weeks.  The last is in about 2 months.  What it ultimately means is that I write Monday through Friday and often a bit here and there on the weekends.  I don’t wait until I’m in the mood.  I just do it.

If you are trying to develop a writing habit but don’t have paying deadlines, you may have to create or find deadlines…

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