Great Tips for Backstory in Your Novel

Writing the backstory for your character can be a bit tricky. You never want to be too wordy. Telling the story of your character should be smooth and effortless. Of course, that is not the case with my writing which is why a lot of revision is necessary. Author Paul Bishop at Venture Galleries has some great tips for creating backstory for your characters. Stop by for a visit.

Back Story (Parker novel)

Back Story (Parker novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you do about the back story?

MY FIRST NOVEL (Shroud of Vengeance) was part of an ongoing adult western series (think Louis LAmour with sex scenes) featuring a character named Diamondback. The editor gave me the bible for the series providing the limited information needed as part of the characters backstory: Diamondback got his nickname after being the victim of a horrible whipping, he is wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, he wanders the west acting as a traveling judge settling disputes between outlaws and he is very, very popular with the ladies.

It was pretty simple to include this information as part of the ongoing series of books, which could be read in any order without any intrusive information dumps or large chunks of narrative explanation. Drop the nickname on the first page, show his scars when he takes off his shirt for the first sex scene, and tie the plot into a dispute between dangerous outlaws for Diamondback to settle. With series of this type, the main character remains static. There are no consequences or character arcs to carry over from one book to the next. READ MORE HERE.