Self Publishing Comic Books

I was very excited to find this post on self publishing a comic book. I was very curious about this subject and found the post to be very interesting and information. Please be sure to stop by Kate Tiltons site to see all of the links and other information.

4 Expert Tips for Self-Publishing Comic Books

Last weekend I had the utmost pleasure of attending Anime Boston. Now some of you may be saying “Wait, wait, anime? What does that have to do with self-publishing?” and the answer is quite a lot. If you’re on this blog you probably know authors self-publish fiction books and non-fiction books, but have you ever consider self-publishing comic books? I hadn’t until I met the wonderful Trevor A. Mueller. I happened to come across Trevor’s information the day before the convention as I was planning my weekend. As an author assistant and someone who loves comics when I saw his panel “Self-publishing 101″ on the schedule it made it onto my must-do list.

When self-publishing first started there was a pretty big stigma, something we still sometimes see today, so I didn’t expect the room to be packed. Happily, I was very wrong. The room was standing room only and because of fire code some people were even turned away. READ MORE HERE!

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  1. Thank you for sharing an excerpt of my post. I was thrilled to learn authors are self-publishing amazing comics. It is a cool community!


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