Kansas lifts teacher licensure requirement in 6 districts


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TOPEKA, Kansas – The State Board of Education met in Topeka Tuesday to consider a number of changes to the state’s education system. One of the proposals approved will allow 6 “innovative “districts to hire unlicensed teachers. Those districts are McPherson, Concordia, Hugoton, Marysville, Blue Valley and Kansas City.

Supporters say it will help some districts fill voids left behind by teachers retiring or leaving the profession in recent years.

Opponents say it sets a bad precedent for public education. The McPherson school district is one of several in the state that can now hire unlicensed teachers.

This ruling opens the door for people to teach without the teaching certificate required in high school and middle school. These employees will need to be approved by their local school board, will still have to pass a background check and receive a specialized teaching certificate. But some say that’s not good…

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