A Writers Prep For Speaking Engagements

Every writer should know how to prepare to speek in front of an audience to talk about their book. At Non Fiction Now, there are a series of prompts listed to help you create a 30 minute speech or webinar to engage potential buyers. This is a great post on how to gather information from your book.

English: Rick Moody speaking at the Internatio...

English: Rick Moody speaking at the International Forum on the Novel, Lyon, France. May, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nonfiction Writing Prompt #44: Speak Your Way to Successful Authorship

Most writers don’t want to become speakers. That’s not surprising since many writers are introverts, and Americans tend to fear public speaking more than death. However, speaking provides a powerful path to successful authorship.

That’s why I want to challenge you to become a speaker as well as a writer. It’s not as difficult as you think.

Most successful nonfiction authors are speakers as well. Speaking not only provides a source of income, but this activity helps the authors sell more books and enhance their expert status. Speaking also provides a fabulous way to build author platform.

That’s why you, too, want to become a speaker. READ MORE HERE!