What’s In Your Writing Vault?

I may be considered a writer hoarder. But I keep ideas, tips and books for writing in journals, file cabinets and on sticky notes for later use. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Here is what Edie Nelson at Novel Rocket has to say about keeping things close at hand.

Two tall metal file cabinets for work or home use

Two tall metal file cabinets for work or home use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

12 Things Every Writer Should Store in The Writing Vault

by Edie Melson@EdieMelson

Saving for a rainy day isn’t just good financial advice—it’s good writing advice. We all have those times when inspiration doesn’t choose to shine on us. But if we’ve been storing valuable things, we’ll be able to continue to make progress.

  1. Ideas. Every single writer should have a system of keeping track of ideas. I have several.
  • I always have a file on my computer for blog post ideas. Any time I’m at my computer and come up with a good idea, I open that document and record it. If I come across a cool idea on the web, I paste the URL and a quick description of what I think I could write about.
  • I also have a documents for book ideas, guest post ideas, short stories, really anything I could write about. And I keep them separate and well labeled so I can find them when the idea file runs dry.
  • I have a place on my iPad where I can record ideas.
  • I have a place on my phone where I can keep ideas.
  • Finally, incase electronics fail me. I always carry a small notebook in my purse. The trick here is to remember to transfer those ideas to my other files so I don’t lose them!  READ MORE HERE.
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4 comments on “What’s In Your Writing Vault?

  1. I have managed to streamline my erratic note taking and post-it note addiction. If I get an idea for a novel I add it to a new notebook and jot everything down – this notebook is then dedicated just to that novel. The downside to this is I now have a bookshelf full to overflowing with notebooks! 😉


  2. I wake up in the night and jot stuff down. I have so many stories I think my brain will blow! But I can only take one story at a time. I have 2 children’s book manuscripts ready, one article and a paranormal. Yikes! On top of all that I have stacks of books to review. Sigh…

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  3. My ideas are in a file folder on my laptop…as I’m sure most writers will understand they ‘pop’ up at the most inopportune times. A children’s story idea came to me in a dream a couple of weeks ago. I wrote out the basic plot, characters and idea then returned to editing 2 manuscripts I am trying to complete for publishing later this year. Knowing the idea is safely cataloged gives me peace that it will not be forgotten.

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