HTML Help For Your Ebook

I have yet to create an ebook, but when I am ready I will take on some good advice from the Fiction University on making my ebook the best it can be visually online.

Clean Up Your Ebook Files With HTML

By Jordan McCollum, @JordanMcCollum

Part of the Indie Authors Series

I know. After you’ve gone to all the trouble to get your book looking good in your word processor, why would you want to go to all the trouble of formatting it in HTML—by hand? Especially when your word processor will do it for you?

A few reasons why HTML comes in handy:

  • You can post a professional-looking preview of your book on your website—without crazy characters, random backgrounds, and errors.
  • Converting your book to HTML can produce a cleaner result for ebook conversion.
  • Doing HTML yourself eliminates the needless clutter most word processors insert in their code, making it easier to produce a result that passes a validation test.
  • If your word processor’s HTML doesn’t validate, your ebook won’t either, which will get it rejected by some stores like Smashwords & Apple.
  • It’s a lot easier to format something in clean HTML than to clean up the output of most word processors.

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