6 Side Effects Only Writers Experience

I thought this was spot on!

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Many of us love a good story, article, and novel, and inversely authors love writing for themselves as well. If we don’t love what we write, how can we expect other people to enjoy them? However those who write have such a vivid imagination, what I’d like to call the “movie effect” that it doesn’t just turn on or off depending on whether or not we’re in front of paper or a computer, it bleeds into our very reality. Here are some of the things that occasionally happen when you’re an avid writer:

1. You always want a perfect ending that ties everything together.

Not saying that authors don’t love adding cliffhangers, but even with cliffhangers, authors have settled what they needed to settle in their plot. When you carry the writer’s blood, you always want to find the best solution in conflicts and usually, you want your way to…

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By Kristi Bernard Posted in Writers