Five Tips To Keep On Writing

What do you do if you’ve lost that writing fever after your idea has cooled down? Whatever you do, don’t stop writing, instead get rejuvinated and keep going. Here’s how you can make that happen with tips from Angela Booth.


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5 Easy Ways to Sneak Up On Writing Your Book

What’s your biggest challenge with writing your book? For my students, it’s the writing, once the initial enthusiasm wears off. You’re happily writing along, and then you take a day off. And then another one. You tell yourself you’ll write next week… Next month, when you have more time… Before you know it, your book’s vanished in the rear-view mirror of your life.

Tip: this is normal. Writers call it “hitting the wall.” Every book hits a wall at some stage. With fiction I slam into the wall at page 100. With nonfiction, I usually run smack into the hall after the third chapter. You WILL hit a wall at some stage. It won’t hurt as much if you expect it.

Writing shorter books, as you do when you’re writing ebooks, helps. As does having a process – I’ve shared my “8 hour” process with you. Judging by the feedback, it works. Read more here.

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