Four Ways To Reach Your Audience

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4 Ways For Authors To Reach The Right Audience For Your Book

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You’ve spent months (or years) writing and producing your book. It’s for sale online and … crickets. Nothing but chirping insects piercing the silence, far, far away.

“But all my beta readers enjoyed it,” you may say, “Where are my sales?” The answer is this: creating an enjoyable book is one thing—but attracting an audience to your book is something very different. Just as you worked hard writing, formatting, and setting up your book for sale, you also must work hard to reach your audience.

To find and connect with the right audience for your book, follow these four steps. First, identify your readers. Next, understand your readers. Third, go where your readers go on the internet. Fourth, talk about what your readers want to hear.

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1. Identify your readers

Who are your readers, really? Let’s say you write YA books. You may think, “Every teen and twenty-something will love my book!” You may wish that all of the kids born from 1993-2003 will buy your book, but that’s the endgame of your marketing—it’s not the way to start. Begin with a very specific, narrow definition of your reader.

The more narrowly you define your ideal reader, the better. Why? Reading is about as personal as it gets. So instead of saying, “My book is for teens,” think hard about which of the many types of teens you are targeting. Those who love science fiction? Dystopian science fiction? Steampunk dystopian science fiction?  Steampunk dystopian science fiction with a large helping of romance? Teens who like all that and have a lot of friends at high school, or those who are marginalized? Teens who buy their clothes at a national chain store or knit their own tunics? READ MORE HERE.


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