National Novel Writing Month 2013

NaNoWriMo applique

NaNoWriMo applique (Photo credit: The Sean & Lauren Spectacular)



Writers are at it again and pounding those keys as they prep to become the next best thing! Well, at least we are all hopeful.  If you are new or old to this amazing phenomenon I have put together a list of information that might be helpful as you plunge into this month of writing. 

National Novel Writing Month Official Site

Writers will find handy tools, like tracking progress and meeting fellow writers,  to help keep them motivated throughout the month. Pep Talks is available and consists of a  list of famed writers who offer their experience along with words of wisdom.

Fantasy Worldbuilder Guide

If you are working on a book of fantasy this site helps you put build your world in 30 days. Writers will get tips on how to create climate, races, politics, geography, culture and so much more.

Holly Lisle

If you are interested in having a visual of your novel and its world, Holly will teach you how-to map out your story.

EPI Guide

Who are your characters? Writers will find a unique list of questions that can be downloaded or printed so that you can get to know everything about your characters.

The Writer’s Journey

Do you need help with your hero and the journey they will embark on? This site will help you line up the rising action of your hero.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Need help with your plot? Do you even have one? This site has a great way to help you randomly select a plot. It isn’t as tricky as it might sound.


If you need a funny pick-me-up, check out the cartoons that were created just for Nanowrimo.

These sites are just a few of the many you can find at the NaNoWriMo site. Happy Writing!