New Options For Ebook Sales

Introducing Libiro. The New Ebook Store For Indie Authors


The current publishing eco-system changes every week right now, and there are new opportunities around every corner. This expanding marketplace is only a good thing for authors, and some enterprising types are taking it further.

LibiroFantasy author, Ben Galley, has just started Libiro, an ebook store for indie authors and in today’s article, he tells us a bit about it.

Amazon is a beast. We all know it. A beast of sheer size and might. It’s also quite a friendly beast, where authors are concerned. Via Amazon’s useful and simple Kindle Direct Publishing platform, authors have the chance to upload directly to the Kindle store, set their own price, and have the choice of taking part in programs such as Kindle Select and MatchBook.

Essentially what Amazon provides is an alternate route to market – the ability to bypass the publishers and compete with the best of them.

And that’s exactly what its mammoth marketplace is – a competition.

A competition for sales, and ultimately, that coveted No.1 spot. The title of bestseller.

Without going into too much depth about how the cryptic Amazon algorithms work, books rise and fall on the rankings due to several key factors:

1)      Sales

2)      Reviews – both starred and written

3)      And the competition

The three really go hand in hand. Sales may rise thanks to a glowing review. More sales increases the capacity for reviews. More reviews come in. More sales occur, and the chain reaction goes on until, hypothetically, you’re at the No.1 spot. The problem is that everybody – every author and publisher – is doing the same thing. Every hour, every day, in each genre, for each book, little battles are being fought. This is why competition plays a big role in rankings. READ MORE HERE.

By Kristi Bernard Posted in Writers