Book Review: The Beatles Leading the British Invasion

The Beatles Have A Fascinating Story.

The Beatles Leading the British Invasion

Diane Dakers

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, made up a sensational group called the Beatles, and hit the American scene in 1963. Their debut on CBS triggered a national phenomenon. Their music was groundbreaking. Their new sound sold records and singles to the young listeners who could relate to their inventive and thoughtful lyrics. According to Dakers, “In the recording studio, the Beatles’ cutting edge technologies were so elaborate that the resulting songs couldn’t be repeated in performance.” Readers who are fans are invited to share in the history and story behind the bands songs, idols, personal trials and tribulations. Enthusiasts will find sidebars with fun facts and short burst of trivia. For example: “A Note Worth Noting shares before their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles received a stack of notes welcoming them to the United States. When Paul read one special message, a huge smile crossed his face. The note said, “Congratulations on your appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show and your visit to America. We hope your engagement will be a successful one and your visit pleasant.” It was signed, Elvis.” Black and white photos, cartoons, album covers, variety shows, their fans and instruments, share an intimate portrait of the Fab Four and their rise to fame all the way through to the end of their careers. The back of the book has the bands history in an easy to navigate chronological listing. A glossary along with other books, videos and online sites to help give fans an additional fix for their addiction to beatlemania. The Beatles had sold to-date over one billion recordings along with thousands of books. They are said to be the most influential musical group in history. Crabtree Groundbreaker Biographies tell the stories of people from a variety of walks of life whose talent, courage, skill and vision have inspired millions.

BIBLIO:2013, Crabtree Publishing, Ages 12 and Up, $12.95.

REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard

FORMAT: Young Adult

ISBN: 9780778710455

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