Should You Pre-Promote Your Book?

We all know the importance of promoting your book. But, how early should you start the promotion process? Over at Book Marketing Buzz Blog are a list of tips and some really great advice on what authors can do and most importantly why authors should get started promoting and to keep the media in mind while your doing it.

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English: People in a store at midnight, the start of the yearly book sale in Sweden Svenska: Folk i bokaffären vid reastarten på bokrean 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Making Your Book More Promotable

Write Your Next Book With The Media In Mind

Here is what I know and think about making your book more promotable.
The world of book publishing has changed immensely over the past decade  –and certainly over the past three years, thanks to Amazon, Apple, tablets, e-books, Borders, and social media.
The role of book publicity has not changed, though the methods have been altered.
PR is needed to give a book a chance at succeeding in an overcrowded marketplace and a noisy media landscape. With more books being published than ever before, and more media outlets around than ever before, there is a lot of competition to get a diluted piece of the pie.
Technology has no doubt impacted many industries, including: publishing, retail, the news media, and even the way books are written. As a result, readers and consumers have been changed as well.
It may seem like everyone:
·         Has plastic surgery
·         Eats organic food
·         Watches TV on a smartphone
·         Spends more time tweeting than talking to others
…. but such phenomena show we are a changing and diverse nation.
Not everyone is doing these things I just mentioned but the world certainly is in transition.  Writers are changing, too.  They are morphing into hybrids – – they are writers and they are promoters.
I understand what it is like for today’s author to be confronted with the new publishing landscape.

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