The Importance of Google

Is Google Plus Important for Search Engine Optimization?

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Is Google plus important for search engine optimization? We all know that being found by search engines is in essence free marketing.Is Google Plus Important for Your Search Engine Optimization

And who doesn’t like something for free.

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a process which includes both on-site and off-site techniques that enables the search engines to index the website and rank it on the search engine result pages.

On-site” techniques include the website work, such as setting up the page titles, sub-titles and keywords and this makes easier for the search engines to crawl the site. The key activity and tactic for “Off-site” techniques includes the process of link building.

Google uses different signals to determine the quality of each page of website and on the basis of that give it the ranking in search results. But the most important among these signals is links from other sites. These links must be of high quality to rank higher in search engine results. A link from the New York Times will be valued much more highly than a link from a Shepherd’s website in Kazakhstan.

The measurement and ranking of these hyperlinks has made it possible to find the things on the web.

Black hat and white hat SEO techniques

Search engines are always hungry for well designed, content rich and optimized website. Some webmasters and SEO specialists are deliberately using the wrong techniques to rank higher. These techniques are known as Black Hat techniques which do not follow the guidelines or algorithms of major search engines.

Those practices which follow the guidelines of search engine are called White Hat techniques.


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