Book Review: The Secret History of the Reptilians

Open your mind.

Title: The Secret History of the Reptilians

Author: Scott Alan Roberts

Publisher: New Page Books

ISBN: 9781601632517


Is it possible that an ancient race of reptilians walked among us? What if the signs were there all throughout history and we just thought, for example that the Serpent Nacash in the Garden at Eden was a simple metaphor. It is written in Sumerian literature that Gilgamesh lost his powers of immortality to a serpent. According to Roberts, “The serpent has been a pervasive presence indeed throughout human history, filling our religious scriptures, historical tomes, and mythological tales, and appearing on the faces of thousands of archaeological relics.” Roberts takes readers on a journey looking outside the box at the bibles history and its writings from well known and documented scholars.

Robert’s first questioned whether or not all religions and cultures shared a common thread, starting with a common event, which is adapted to fit that cultures values and politics. As he began the journey of unraveling the mysteries he started with the biblical version of Adam and Eve and their encounter with Nacash, the serpent in the garden. He questioned whether or not they existed, but evidence showed that these personages existed in other religions and cultures, thereby, establishing a common thread.

Roberts had not set out to drive readers away from their faith but to have open eyes or give way to the possibilities or the facts produced by archaeological and anthropological research. He has shown examples from biblical references and other cultural sources of how reptilian symbols were used in reference to religion. Roberts shares examples of scriptures from the bible and Sumerian text. Readers will become familiar with Aztec, Mayan and Toltec scriptures referencing Quetzalcoah, the feathered serpent god, along with references from Chippewa and Cherokee’s Horned Serpent.

Robert’s has also included pictures that show various cultures and their symbols for the serpents represented in their time. This guide will enlighten readers to the long history of reptiles and how they’ve been brought to the forefront of many cultures from the past and present. Whether or not you believe these beings have descended from heaven or are comprised of extraterrestrial beings is not relevant. What Roberts has done is given you a tool to consider the possibilities.


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