Content Ideas For Writing

Creating A Plan For Coming Up With Content Ideas For Writing


Do you spend time wondering what to write about? Perhaps your mind goes blank every time you need to write some content.

When thinking about product creation or content to write about one of the main problems people encounter is not having ideas. Not knowing what to write about.

You can waste a lot of time just thinking about what you might write about and before you know it the day has come and gone and you have nothing to show for it. You’ve just gone round and round in circles trying to come up with ideas.

To prevent this from happening I recommend that you use a plan that you create before hand and then come back to it every time you need to write something. It might take you a few hours to complete your plan but once you have done it you will never be lost for ideas on what to write about again.

Here is how you can create your planned outline:

1. Think about the topic of what you want to write about. This might be the particular topic or niche that your business is in. Think about the broad topic not a part of the topic just the big main topic first all of.

2. Now think about all the things that you know about this topic. Put each thing into a category so that you end up with a list of categories and lots of ideas inside each of these categories.

3. You should have a big list of things that you know about in a variety of categories.

4. Now look at each of those ideas and see if you can break them down into at least five steps that someone would need to do or learn to understand that idea.

If you find that your mind goes blank at this stage then just imagine you are telling a friend how to do it.

Once you have finished doing this you will have a huge list of ideas that you can use for content, product creation and articles to write about.

The concept is that once you have completed this task you will have something that is solid enough and big enough to give you plenty of ideas for content so that you’re not having to start from scratch each time you need content.

You just look at your plan and choose the next idea that you have written there.

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