Do You Need Expert Help?

Question mark in Esbjerg

Question mark in Esbjerg (Photo credit: alexanderdrachmann)

Have you ever needed some expert advice? I’m talking about advice from a real expert, not a relative or friend who claims to be all-knowing about everything. I have plenty of those folks in my world. What I am referring to is a person who from experience, research and someone who has spent a great deal of their time studying a particular subject. Writing an article or book may require asking an expert. Perhaps you need some clarity on a subject that has left you in a fog of questions. I have visited a site that has experts on every subject you can imagine. Have you ever heard of

The experts found on this site are all categorized in a free pdf download titled “The Yearbook of Experts.” Categories range from blogging, self healing, media coaching, massage and so many other areas that it can be a bit overwhelming. The directory holds 324 pages of information with reference to bios, links, images and more.

If you are an expert, journalist, writer or just simply curious, I would recommend checking this out. If you know of any other sites where writers can find an expert please let me know. As always, happy writing and researching.