Book Review: The Lost Civilization Enigma

If you are looking for a fantastic read that will engage you into past lives, cultures and communities might I make a suggestion?

Enjoy amazing discoveries and facts.


Title: The Lost Civilization Enigma

Author: Philip Coppens

Publisher: New Page Books
ISBN: 9781601632326


Do you believe that behind every legend, myth or story you’ve read about in school stems from parts of truth and reality? Would archeological finds have you standing first in line to scrutinize?

We are all so used to hearing about Egypt’s pyramids and how the Mayan civilization was an old thriving culture. But did you also know that Bosnia may soon be recognized as having the world’s oldest pyramids? This story was just beginning to be discussed in 2005. Did you know that there is “forbidden archeology?” According to Michael Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, they wrote a book that uncovered bones and artifacts that show humans existed on earth millions of years ago. They also share how the scientific community has ignored these facts. There evidence had been removed from archaeological records because it didn’t fit the traditional archeological records, thus becoming forbidden. Coppens takes readers into “lost civilizations of the old world” by taking us deeper into the story of Troy, Hyperborea, the first European Union and Egypt. Of course there are many more secrets revealed. According to Coppens, “Civilization is far older than we assume. Europe did not begin with the Greeks or Romans in the Eight Century BC, but at least in 9000 BC, as underlined by the work of Barry Cunliffe. In the Sahara, we can push back civilization to that same period, 9000 BC. But in the Middle East, the sites of Gobekli Tepe and Catal Hoyuk show that civilizations, capable of building extraordinary towns, manufacturing tools and jewelry, already existed in 10,000 BC.”

Coppens methodical introduction to so many varied civilizations will have readers amazed at all of these intriguing facts. Color photos can also be found in his section on, “Lost Civilizations of the New World,” along with information on the world’s first computer. For those interested in learning more about Atlantis there is plenty of reading on that subject here. In Coppens conclusion he states that, “Instead, civilization should be redefined as humanity’s discovery that there was more to this reality than meets the eye – the birth of encountering the divine and incorporating it within everyday existence.” Coppens has put together a vast amount of important findings and information. It isn’t overwhelming but will peek the curiosity of any reader wanting to know about past lives, cultures and communities.

Philip Coppens is an author and investigative journalist, ranging from the world of politics to ancient history and mystery. He co-hosts The Spirit Revolution radio show with his wife Kathleen McGowan and is a frequent contributor to NEXUS Magazine and Atlantis Rising Magazine. Since 1995, he has lectured extensively and has appeared in a number of television and DVD documentaries, including Ancient Aliens: The Series (The History Channel). He is the author of nine English-language books, including The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel, The New Pyramid Age, Servants of the Grail, Killing Kennedy, The Ancient Alien Question and The Lost Civilization Enigma.