Book Review: What Color Is Your Brain?

What Color Is Your Brain?

Title: What Color Is Your Brain?

Author: Shelia N. Glazov

Publisher: Slack Books
ISBN: 9781556428074


If you’ve ever wondered what your personality type is, there is a way for you to find out. Sheila Glazov has created a way for you to test yourself. It’s quick and easy. If you take the test you will discover if your brain is yellow, blue, green or orange. Once you come to understand the dominant part of you brain and why you do the things you do it will help you understand and value your personality type, communicate effectively with others, work with co-workers, keep energy levels up and stress levels down and create a more harmonious atmosphere at your home and work.

Glazov has created lots of easy to read and understand charts and quizzes. She helps guide you through romance and relationships, family, friends and children. Her methods and theories had been tested in her workshops. If you are not happy with your brain color, Glazov offers advice for you. For example: The yellow brain is the temporal lobe section where rules are the foundation of your thinking process. A blue brain is the occipital lobe where physical ability is primary. The green brain is the parietal lobe in which information processing is essential. The orange brain is the frontal lobe which implies constant movement physically and mentally. A green brain may feel trapped in a career of 25 years and may take an opportunity to change and run a business of his or her own and do it their way, thus enjoying the freedom of an orange brain. So if you are not happy with the color of your brain you can change it.

This may all seem complex and difficult to understand, but once you start reading and really looking into your own habits and compulsions you will truly be able to identify with your brain color. Helpful clues and quotes are offered here as well as real life examples of people and their experiences in the workshop. If you would like to learn more about the author and why she wrote this book you can find an interview in the back pages. Become a more effective communicator and minimize the stress in your life.

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