Author Exposed: Dolores Mitchell

Children often question their purpose in life, especially if they are dealing with older siblings who take away attention from them. As a parent how do you talk with your little ones about this very sensitive subject? You could sit down and talk about what role they play in the family and how important they are to the family. Perhaps you could show them, after all actions speak louder than words. My guest is author Dolores Mitchell and she has created a wonderful story that points covers this topic in a simple way in which young readers will understand.

Why Am I Here?” is Dolores’s first children’s book that was published August 2011. The book is the first of a series. She wishes to encourage young children to embrace themselves and realize how special they are because they are born for a purpose.

Dolores Mitchell has always had a passion for children. Even as a young child, she loved and cared for the children in her neighborhood. Today she has a desire to effect children around the world with this little book. She wants our young children to realize their value early. Her message is simple, but profound “God Made Me Special.” Why Am I Here? has been honored as an Award Winning Finalist in the 2012 USA Best Book Awards.



TNW: How long have you been writing?

DM: I have been writing since my high school days, over 3 decades. I have written plays, poems and short stories. But “Why Am I Here?” is my first published work. I am proud to say that it is an Award Winning Finalist in the 2012 USA Best Book Award.

TNW: Have you always written for children?

DM: This is my first children’s book, but it will not be my only book for children. My desire is to write a series of children’s books promoting self-esteem and self acceptance.

TNW: What drives and motivates your writing?

DM: I have always had a passion for children. Touching young children and changing their lives in a positive manner is my motivation. My passion is driven by the look on children’s faces I see around my community and on the media around the world.

TNW: Do you feel it’s important for writers to use social media? How?

DM: In today’s society, the use of social media is a must. Writers must find an effective way to use this tool based on their audience. As a writer, I would like my book read by the masses. The different social medias is one way to reach potential readers.

TNW: Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

DM: I love Dr Seuss books because they are very entertaining for children. Also, all the Chicken Soup series by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen. I love books that are motivational, encouraging, and life changing.

TNW: What writing books would you recommend to new writers?

DM: I am presently reading for a second time- A Heart of a Ready Scribe by Melanie Stiles. It is a book written to encourage writers to follow their passion and write what is in their hearts. It is very encouraging to me and it is also a motivational guide to help me stay focused.

TNW: What advice do you have for new writers? 

DM: My advice would be to write from your heart, your passion. You are never too old or too young to follow your passion and share your love, your experiences and your joy with the world. If you are being lead to write a story to change the world, to create a smile or encourage somebody; follow your heart and get the story out.

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