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As writers we know we are supposed to write every day so that we can get something done and polish our skills at the same time.  So what can you do to really get yourself into the habit of writing? Will writing rituals help you get the job done? According to the blog Procrastinating Writers Blog  there are some handy tips and advice to help you decide if writing rituals will help you keep on task.

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This is a guest post by Rich Furman

One of the principles of writing productivity that most writers, writing coaches, mentors and researchers believe in is the power of daily writing.

Simple statements such as, “writers write,” typify this sentiment. Yet, in spite of having this knowledge, many writers and aspiring writers struggle with achieving the consistency of daily writing.

There are many tools that have been suggested for helping achieve the practice of daily writing, from starting each day with writing, ending each day with writing, or putting writing into your calendar and making it an appointment with yourself.

For some, these work; for others, they may not make a significant difference.

Why These Tools Don’t Work For Everyone

Part of the reason these tools don’t work for everyone is that these scheduling methods do not change anything about you.

What you need is a method that helps make you need to write, and creates a negative internal consequence when you do not. In other words, you need your writing to take on the hallmarks of an addiction.

Do I mean that writing should make your life spin horribly out of control? Of course not. You need to make your writing into a positive addition, or a habituated behavior that is supported by environmental, psychological and biological stimuli.

When you engage in a positive addiction, you experience a sense of meaning. When you do not, you feel a sense of loss, and may actually experience biochemical changes, just like with a less positive addiction.

Sounds complex and time consuming perhaps, but its not difficult. One of the most powerful principles in addiction treatment is that rituals often support people’s compulsive behavior, and can be used in creating behavioral change. 

What you need is to create behavioral rituals that support a dependence on writing.

With drug addiction, or behavioral addictions like gambling, rituals set into motion powerful biopsychosocial triggers that compel one toward a substance or behavior. This is why creating rituals for yourself, simple habituated, routinized behaviors that you do prior to writing, can help you achieve the consistency you need. Read more here.



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  1. As a Freelance Writer, I need to write every day, because it’s my job. In my case, if I don’t write for several hours per day, I feel like I have been lazy and wasted the day.


  2. I write daily too. I write articles, jot down ideas and am working on a few children’s books projects. Like you, I too will see if they are worth finishing. Thanks for stopping by Malinda.


  3. As I love animals, it’s only natural that I love to write about them. As a matter of fact, most of my writings are about animals. I write something every day, even if it’s only a paragraph or two. That paragraph or two is usually about an idea for a book. Sometimes I will enlarge on the idea just to see if it will peak my interest enough to become a book


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