No Pain Self Editing

edit on the go

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Self editing should be and needs to be a very important part of your writing process. The only problem is we have a tendency to feel overwhelmed and think we should scrap the project because its too much work. At The Other Side Of The Story, a blog by Janice Hardy, has a guest post by author Emily Wenstrom, who offers sound advice on how authors can get through the self-editing process.

Guest Author Emily Wenstrom: How One Editor Learned to Edit Herself

Join me in welcoming Emily Wenstrom to the blog today. Emily wears a lot of different writing hats, and she’s here to share a few tips on how to edit yourself.

Lit addict, movie junkie, writer. Emily is a creative writer fascinated with science fiction, fantasy and monsters of all kinds. When she’s not writing about these, she’s a professional writer working in marketing and public relations. She blogs about creativity in art and career at Creative Juicer. She also recently launched wordhaus, a short story zine built for the digital age, now seeking submissions.

Take it away Emily…

I write fiction on the side, but by day I’m a professional writer and editor. I’ve also been managing editor of a city magazine, proofed for a political newsletter, worked a brief stint at a daily newspaper copy desk, and served as the last line of defense against typos and grammatical gaffes at a marketing agency. I’ve even created my share of in-house style guides for publications, agencies and even client companies. Read more here.


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