Are You A Modern Writer?

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Writers write. Duh, really? Of course, but that’s not all we need to do. We need to be tech savvy, a public speaker, a marketer, an account and so much more. But what else do we need in order to become a modern writer? At The Publishing Crawl, Marie Lu answers this question. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you are a modern writer.

It’s Not Just the Writing

When I was a teenager and first started writing with the goal of publication, I thought that a published writer’s career meant one thing: you sit and you write. That’s it. That’s a writer’s job, isn’t it? What else would a writer possibly have to do? What other skill would a writer possibly need?

Turns out (as with many of my teenage assumptions), I was completely wrong. The modern day writer needs, in addition to the skill of writing, a whole host of other skills that I never really associated with the career. Like:

The ability to be a socialite

This is a big one. My friends and I occasionally joke that a writer’s life is composed of extremes. Most of the time, you are an Uber Introvert and spend large swaths of time being hermity in front of a computer. But every now and then, you’ll be immersed in extrovert activities–okay, not just extrovert activities, but ZOMGEXTROVERTACTIVITIESZOMG. You will go on tour, where you will talk nonstop to large groups of people every single day from early morning to late night for weeks on end. You will attend conventions and conferences, where (again) from morning until night, you’ll need to be able to mingle, network, greet, do interviews and panels, speak in front of huge audiences, and party with strangers and friends and acquaintances. As a modern day writer, no matter how introverted you are, you need to learn to socialize on a large scale. This can all be really fun, of course, but it’s also scary for those who are inherently shy. (Like me, and seemingly the vast majority of writers.) Read more here.


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