What Should Be Promoted: The Author Or The Book?

Egg Within An Egg

Egg Within An Egg (Photo credit: Kairon Gnothi (Opportunity Knocks))

Do you remember asking the question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I did when I was in 1st grade. I believe the question stemmed from a book I read that asked that question, and then went on to discuss the chicken crossing the road, or something to that effect. But, either way, in is still an unanswered question in my opinion. The purpose of me bringing this topic is, writers may be asking a similar question in regards to promotion. Should we writers promote ourselves or our book?

In a way book promotion and author promotion goes hand-in-hand. But it also could be that the book project should be the priority publishing point. If the book is good then readers will want to know more about the author. Or, it could be that the author is the focal point and then readers can actively seek out books that the author has written. In my humble opinion, I think we should promote ourselves as writers. What are your thoughts?

Here is an interesting blog post I found at Help I Need A Publisher, where an author asked advice on which part to promote, the author or the book. I am curious to hear your thoughts on this subject.

DEAR CRABBIT: market the author or the book 

Dear Crabbit
We had a brief Twitter exchange this evening. I asked: ” Do you recommend focusing on marketing the writer…or the book? ”

A bit more info: for the past 2-3 years, I’ve been blogging. Firstly as a way of promoting my (very) part-time coaching practice (I have a full time day job as well), and latterly as a way of promoting my writing (I’ve had a small paid writing gig with PaleoDietNews.com for the past few months).

Long story short….I now want to focus on promoting my writing. I’m going to convert my main site (cormackcarr.com) into an “author” site, and am going to set up two other blogs. One will focus on my coaching/careers/personal effectiveness writing….the other on food/health/fitness. Those are the two areas that my writing to date has tended to cluster around.

My logic (such as it is!) is that I can then promote the two blogs to their respective niche areas, backlinking to my author site (which will also have backlinks to any guest posting and article writing I do) and which will focus more on me…so that there’s scope for me to develop my writing in other directions without being tied down. Read more here.