Do You Need An Assistant?

Writing and promoting yourself are necessary time consuming tasks. If you are considering hiring a publicist then that just means you need help. Publicists cost money and you may not have much to spend. So, why not try using Google as your very own personal assistant? C.S. Lakin at Live Write Thrive has 5 simple tips on how you can use Google to help you promote you by Rusty Shelton.

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5 Ways to Make Google Your “Assistant Publicist”

Putting Google to Work for You

There is no substitute for working with a top-tier publicity firm with established relationships, but it is also important to understand how important Google can be for authors as an assistant publicist. The media environment has changed dramatically over the past four years. According to Forrester Research, between the years 2000-2008 one in four media jobs disappeared. As startling as that statistic is, when you consider that the time period surveyed is before our current recession really got underway, you can start to appreciate why media members are so overloaded with potential stories to cover.

There are fewer of them covering more stories than ever before and the last thing they have is time. They are so deluged with books, that often the best way to reach them is not by chasing them—it’s by giving them a reason to chase you. As counter-intuitive as that sounds, based on a variety of factors, media members are increasing taking a “don’t call us . . . we’ll call you” approach to selecting those they will cover.

A recent Cision/George Washington University study backs up this trend, finding in a survey of journalists that when researching stories:

  • 89% look to blogs
  • 65% turn to social networking sites
  • 52% use Twitter as a resource

This shift in the way that media members operate has the potential to play right into the hands of authors who understand it and widen their net to catch those queries. Read more here.