Have You Considered Creating An Audio Book?

Playaway Audiobooks

Playaway Audiobooks (Photo credit: San Mateo County Library)

Physical books and ebooks are just a few ways to get your project to a target audience. But have you considered putting your book to sound? If you haven’t you should. Creating an audio book will help you reach a larger audience. It’s important to cover every angle when it comes to getting your project out to the masses. If you aren’t sure how to get started Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn can help you get started.

10 Top Tips On How To Create An Audio Book

I heard Don Katz, the CEO of Audible.com speak at the London Book Fair back in April. He explained the huge growth in audiobook consumption and said that there are simply not enough audiobooks to satisfy the demand.

But how do you actually get your book into audio format? Author and guest blogger Brendan Foley explains his journey and I’ve added a couple more options at the bottom of the article as this is a topic I am fascinated with and will soon be exploring further.

An audio book by accident

My latest exploration into publishing comes in the form of audio. It all happened from a chance encounter with a good friend who confessed that he hadn’t read my book (an all too familiar situation for an author!). When I pressed him he had a great excuse; “it’s my eyes you see, I find reading tiring, but I have to say that instead, I now listen to audio books. Have you ever considered doing one?”

In truth I hadn’t and until recently I didn’t listen to audio books either. WOW I didn’t realize what I was missing! With my hectic schedule I suddenly found that while driving or doing the washing up I could listen to an audio book. I feel like I’ve cheated time and stolen a few minutes each time I do. If you are not listening to audiobooks I urge you to give them a try. Read more here.


7 comments on “Have You Considered Creating An Audio Book?

  1. I love to listen to a good audio book when I am on a road trip. I think it’s a great idea to get your classroom involved. Acquiring good listening skills is key for kids. Thanks for stopping by Jamie.


  2. I think Katherine hit the nail on the head. Audiobooks are for things like long road trips and maybe working out at the gym . . . have also used the HP audiobooks to play in my classroom for a ten minute read aloud when we get back from lunch–and the students had to take notes on it so they’d remember it for the AR test. Audiobooks are some food for thought–might look into it for my YA:-) Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for stopping by Katherine. I love audio books and podcasts. It’s the only time I can catch up on my own personal choices of reading. Audiobooks are a good tool for the elderly or disabled folks who aren’t able to read on their own.


  4. I am so broken on audiobooks. I like the Harry Potter series for long trips, but I can’t imagine *listening* to a book while sitting on my couch. I feel like reading, to me, is magical, and listening just isn’t the same. But on the other hand, i know people who lose out on great literature because they are such poor or slow readers, and they would benefit from audiobooks.


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