Writing Schedules: Tips On Creating One

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Creating a writing schedule is tougher than I thought. I have been struggling with this for a while now. Our busy lives at home can create a huge obstacle for us when it comes to our writing. Daily responsibilities can hinder our writing time in more ways than one. I’ve discovered a few sites that offer tips and suggestions on creating a writing schedule and how to be more productive with the little writing time you may have. Check out this Book TV video on how some writers schedule their writing. Happy writing!

Check out these 6 steps from R.A. Evans on starting out small and keeping motivated.

If you want to be a writer, you have to write. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The hard part isn’t knowing what you have to do so much as it’s finding when to do it. Sure, you have to write, but you also have to pay the bills, spend time with your family, and take the occasional shower. There’s no shortage of things you want to do, either, from catching up with friends to watching Game of Thrones on HBO. It can seem impossible to fit writing in amid all your other priorities.

What’s a busy writer to do? Don’t give up! Follow these six simple steps, and you’ll find there’s time for writing in every single day. Read more here.

Linda Clare shares tips in regards to the seasonal you.

Writing Tip for Today: Your writing schedule will depend on the “season” of your life. Whether you have a day job, a gaggle of children to care for or you’re working on a college degree, these endeavors obviously drain a lot of your time. And published writers have deadlines to meet, meaning they’re crazy-busy at times. Yet it IS possible to create a writing schedule and stick to it. Here are a few thoughts on writing schedules at all stages of your writing journey: Read more here.

6 comments on “Writing Schedules: Tips On Creating One

  1. It’s tough trying to work, keep a home, manage some kind of a social life and personal hygiene and write a book without becoming a total recluse! But we keep calm and carry on!!!


  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. I am guilty of that, most of us probably are. I can get lost in blogging and surfing and marketing, I lose track of time and then I find I don’t have time to write.


  3. Thanks for the plug on your blog. Many authors write something and then quickly get caught up with marketing their work that they forget to keep writing. The easiest way to get people to read your stuff is to consistently have new stuff for them to read. Sounds simple, I know.


  4. That’s exactly right! I jot down ideas all the time but I feel as though I should have scheduled time to work on all of the different projects. I just work on items when I can and I still seem to get things done.


  5. The best bit of advice came from someone in my writer’s group before I was ever published: Writer’s write.
    It’s as simple and as complicated as that. And when you figure out the schedule thing, keep me posted!


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